Palais Floppy hat, Isabel Marant pour H&M crewneck, Zara trousers, Converse Chuck Taylors and Céline Cabas tote.

On December 31st, super last minute we decided to book a short trip to Hong Kong for January 2nd. I never got to have a staycation in Hong Kong so it was fun this time to stay at a hotel while we were there. As expected, Hong Kong’s “winter” was super warm and when we went back again a week ago for Chinese New Year, it was yet again, extremely warm. Which is whyyyyy it’s completely crazy right now that I hear my friends in Hong Kong are FREEZING under the current 6°c temperature!! That’s almost as cold as Shanghai (2°c right now)! So cray cray! I can’t tell you how insanely NOT fun (but kinda fun in a weird way) it is to ride around Shanghai on my scooter in this temperature. Just think completely frozen feet, hands and knees.

Anyway on this day in HK, before hitting up Times Square, we stopped by Harbour City to check out the new Marcha ballet flats stall inside LCX. I loved the Parisian market theme they are going for, selling super affordable and super comfy ballet flats in market style baskets, especially since we miss our Paris trip so much now. After picking out a super comfy classic black ballet flat (lined in black shearling might I add..SUPER soft), we headed over to BLT Burger for our nomonmonmomnonmonmnomnommeat fix! Oh my gosh those waffle fries are heavenly #ψ(*`ー´)ψ#

Marcha Ballerina!

Lunch at BLT Burger in Harbour City


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