Just thought I’d share with you guys a few new things I’ve gotten lately!

I’d been on the hunt for the perfect camo jacket so the second I laid my eyes on this amazing camo bomber, my heart went all aflutter. It’s from a collection called NHIZ which is a collaboration between Japanese streetwear kings Neighborhood and Hong Kong’s edgy cool Izzue. Admittedly, I was at first a little hesitant cos it’s a men’s jacket and I have this irrational fear of being mistaken as a dude…but I tried it on anyway and I luuuurved it. It’s definitely more on the masculine side but nonetheless I still love it paired with my black skinnies and white leather Converse hightops. I don’t have any official outfit shots with it on but if you’ve been following me on instagram or’ll know I’m all about my #elevatoroutfits.

I also recently got another pair of Cole Haan shoes which are these amazing leopard print pony-hair slippers! As you can see, the inside has a quilted foot bed which along with the Nike Air sole, makes that thing so insanely comfortable. They’re actually on sale on the site so you’re lucky if you still want a pair!

I’m moving alot between staying at home with my mom or at my boyfriend’s place so I’m always having to lug clothes, shoes and jewelry around with me. Good thing the lovely ladies at KOTUR gave me this cute little purse with a customized D on it which I use to safely bring my jewelry around with me! Here’s a couple of my jewlery pieces that are on heavy rotation lately: silver Chevron ring by Moratorium, arty ring by YSL, spike necklace from F21 and all others made by me!

And last but not least, my favourite leather jacket is far from new but one day it was hanging oh so cutely on my cupboard doors and I just had to take a picture of it. Inspired by Jason’s post on his favourite leather jacket (check out his new blog here: TOUGHLOVE.HK), I thought I’d let you guys all be jealous of how amazing my leather jacket is wahahah. Well my mom actually got this jacket way back in 2008 from…dun dun dun…ZARA! It was even on 50% sale for like $800HKD (about $100USD) which is such a good score because the leather on this is buttery soft like heaven and it is such a perfect fit.

I ended up stealing it from her and have worn it every single Fall/Winter since! It’s my go to jacket for anything and when worn over anything, be it a tshirt, girly dress or even a wooly sweater, it instantly makes me feel put together and coooooool. The double zipped pockets (both functional) and the pleated elbows (for extra mobility!) make this the perfect jacket. The only thing that I would change about this is the mandarin collar…if it had a regular lapel collar that would’ve made it slightly better..but really that doesn’t stop my from calling this my favourite jacket of alllll time.

Pleated elbows!

Over the years, I’ve been rolling it up and folding up the hem of the sleeve so it has now molded into the perfect sleeve!


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