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Here are some of my favourite picks from Opening Ceremony‘s new online store:

I love all the light coloured stuff for Spring. Can’t. Freaking. Wait. Those beige cutout OC wedges are serious business. My money plant needs to start sprouting already.

And speaking of Opening Ceremony..Refinery29 just released some exclusive pics of Chloe Sevigny’s new collection for Opening Ceremony, in which she also collaborated with Bass shoes.

Standouts seen on the male and female models included Fair Isle harem pants, Henleys with attached hood-like scarves, an ultra-soft pink flannel which comes with or without a tail (double-bounus), animal-print cardigans, slim moleskin trousers, and over-dyed calico button-downs—all ideal for layering when the temperature drops.

How flaming amazing are these buckle up wedges on Chloe and right pic?

I want EVERYTHING! Can’t wait for the collection to come out just so I get to oggle at it in person than oggling on screen.

Now leading on to my next topic…Dr Marten’s Darcie boot as worn by the 2nd model on the left of the last pic. I was at Opening Ceremony a few weeks ago and saw the shoes there but I first saw these on Chloe back when this pic came out:

..and I fell in looooovveee.

I’ve been searching for a good laceup heeled boot for the longest time..which might seem silly not that summer is about to roll up on us and summer in HK is not exactly pleasant-boot-wearing-weather but still, I need to have a pair in my wardrobe.

Here are some better pics of the shoes. I’m still not to sure if I’d settle for the red or the black…black would be better if it weren’t patent..and dunno if I could really work a whole-lotta red on my feet into my wardrobe..but I guess I’ll have to try them on to see what goes with what.

Right now the only two online stores that I found that are selling these are in the UK and they retail for about £48.75 (USD$70.61) or £75 (USD$108.62), which isn’t exactly too pricey.

I’m going to be heading to Opening Ceremony again soon so I’ll have to check the fit and the price there! Hopefully I’ll return home with some awesome beige wedges, OC oxfords, cut-out dresses, floral dresses and some serious red or black patent boots.

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