After a few couple of days of perfect Spring/Summer weather, we were suddenly slapped in the face with sudden freezing temperatures and a rainy wet Saturday. No biggie, that definitely didn’t stop us from walking over to what is our new favourite weekend spot for our Hong Kong food fix: Cha’s Restaurant. Cha’s definitely cured us from our slight-homesickness or more like our HK food craving. The setting is old school HK cha chaan teng with the green gradient tiled floors and the wooden dividers. Completely overwhelmed by the long menu and all the dishes around us looked so amazingly delicious but we ended up getting the famous fried chicken wings (ZOMG DYING SO GOOD), scrambled egg with shrimp, XO fried seafood instant noodles (not so great) and a egg tart for dessert and 7-Up with Salted Lemon for drinks! If you’re ever wondering what we’ll be up to on a Saturday or Sunday lunch, 95% guarantee we’ll be at Cha’s stuffing our faces with more food. We got the takeout menu to bring home and “study” so we can strategically order all the right things without wasting any indecisive time that could be spent on eating.

FINALLYYYYYYYYY got the furry leopard coat of my dreams! I’ve been wanting one for a long ass time and luckily the fine folks at Choies hooked it up! This furry little guy is perfect: throw it over a tshirt for the not-as-cold days or over tons of layers (including 2 layers of heattech) for the freeeeezing days! Also I posted on insta that I finally got my hair back to the perfect blue. Now that I’ve bleached up my whole head, it’s so much more high-maintenance to get the perfect colour and after a few different experiments with different shades of blues, I’ve settled on Manic Panic After Midnight as the superior choice.

咸柠七 Ham ling chut! 7-Up with Salted Lemon, the best!

GOOD LAWD. I am so in love with chicken wings it’s insane. I’m one of those Chinese people who can easily clean out a chicken wing down to a clean ass meatless bone just using my chopsticks and my mouth. Skillz..real skillz.

Jason’s favourite: wat dan ha/watery egg with shrimp!

XO fried 出前一丁 instant noodles with seafood…mmd again/only so-so

Cookie crust egg tart 蛋挞, I much prefer the filo pastry crust kind but who am I to turn down a 蛋挞!

Oh yah, on Saturday we stopped by Central Studios for a shoot for Beats by Dre. The shoot was nice and quick and I didn’t do any extra styling on top of what I wore that day so it was nice that we were in and out in under an hour. I get super super awkward when it comes to a studio shoot, especially when I don’t know anyone who’s around or the fact that I didn’t understand what anyone was saying either. Oh well, it was fun and quick and hope the shot turns out great!

Much more interested in the photographers sweet pose!

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