A burrata bao after my heart


Mozzarella bites.

Rigatoni Bolognese

Lighting! Lightning! Fantastic!

ASOS quilted long bomber, Stylenanda layered shirt sweatshirt, Isabel Marant pour H&M wool pants, Converse x DSMNY Chuck 70 High tops (similar), Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Zara silver choker (similar) and Regal Rose faux septum ring.

Few months ago we hit up this new spot called Bottega in Xintiandi 新天地 with some friends from HK and it was sooooo good and left such a great impression in our foodhearts that we had to return. Well, return we did a couple of weeks ago only to find out that one of the original restauranteurs linked to the restaurant (Austin Hu of Madison fame) wasn’t part of Bottega anymore and so they had to totally revamp the menu. The delicious burrata and other cheeses were still on offer but there was only one dish I was on a mission to have (some ragu fusilli dish) which sadly, disappeared off the menu along with my excitement. We ordered some other cheesy things and the Rigatoni Bolognese which was delicious but kinda basic. Now I’m not so sure if we’ll be heading back there so soon..for that price range, I’d so much rather hit up our original fave italian spot Mercato.

So did you notice a little summin summin all up in my nostrilz? I posted an original sneak peak on my instagram (and a simpler dainty one back here) but alas, here it is in full hi-res jpeg-ness. Let me clear things up first: NO it’s not real. It’s a little clip in one from Regal Rose. I’ve been thinking if I should get a real one pierced but fears of my mother scolding me (yes it’s still a scary possibility) and the whole business about face feng shui (can’t be touching/ruining anything on or around my nose..) has me changing my mind. I’ll just be sticking to this clip in one then! What are your thoughts on septum rings? Yes? No? Too much like a cow? At least Rihanna looks damn hot with hers!

Bottega: Unit 2B, Bldg 22, North Block, Xintiandi 181 Taicang Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address 黄浦区太仓路181弄新天地北里22号楼2B铺, 近黄陂南路

Handsome Jason is wearing a Uniqlo Japanese denim jacket, Isabel Marant pour H&M crewneck and necklace, Céline sunglasses and a random beanehh

Is this how you pose for blog photos? Damn..

Jason’s got a new job! Wooohoooo ringing in the big bucks!

Again, this is how you pose right?

Peesh! ✌✌

Oh hey guy! Say hello to my new Jarre AeroSkull XS speakers! Bringing more than just a badass look to speakers, the Aeroskull has great HD sound as well and the ease of hooking it up to your copmuter or iPhone via bluetooth makes it a no-brainer for everyday use. I’m so down with this chrome silver guy but it comes in 7 different colors so if bright chrome green or pink is more your steez then to each their own! There’s absolute no doubt that whilst this guy looks kinda mean and hardcore..I’m going to be blasting some Taytay or John Mayer all day (in between albums of Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance of course). Also, HOW CUTE is this bulldog guy? Wish we could have himmmmm but he’s kinda large, it’s bad enough I have my own fat sumodog already! Get yours in Hong Kong at K11 or Lane Crawford!

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