CLN with our box of goodies!

Seriously HOW cool? I love me some geometric shapes so much so that I almost didn’t wanna use this and ruin the awesome detail.

la crème

Clé de Peau generously gifted me and nanz a box of glorious goodies! I’ve had the same make-up routine for about 4 years now but only recently started experimenting more, like with the pink eyeshadow and also my collection of lipsticks has definitely grown in the last year (from practically none to too many for just my two lips). The metallic eyeshadows and the 2 rosey red lipsticks are such great additions to our makeup collection.

As for the skincare, after washing my face with the gentle cleansing foam, my skin seriously felt so much cleaner. I really hate those creamy face washes that feel like it leaves a layer of thick moisturizer on your face even after scrubbing for ages. The CDP cleanser was nothing like that and it actually felt like my own skin after washing it off (no secret layers of gunk left behind). Their signature High Performance la crème can be a little too rich for my skin sometimes but during the winter (and the recovering months after) my skin gets dry patches every now and then which is when la creme comes super handy!

Undeniably, what I love most about the CDP products is their attention to detail and the high quality of their products. Also, when I buy new makeup I always feel like the box that the product comes in is such a waste of paper. I found out on the CDP website that to help reduce deforestation, their packaging is made from bagasse paper which is a non-wood paper made from bagasse fibers which are a natural by-product from the milling of sugarcane. Now i won’t feel so bad when I throw out the CDP boxes!

Thanks CDP!!


  1. Best and worst thing about lipsticks is that gloss and shape just before you have to use it…it’s beaaauutiful but hate to have to ruin it by applying it on our(dirty)selves bahah. Never heard of CDP actually, but me likeeey

  2. CDP is amazinggg! i love their products :) they are definitely expensive but i think it’s well worth every penny! their stick concealer is AMAZINGGGGG, like the secret of every celebrity make up artists, go check it out if you had a chance :)

  3. thats a crazily carved/shaped lipstick!

  4. wow girl, these cosmetics look pretty sweet! love the geo shape of that lippy, I don’t think I’d want to ruin it by using it LOL

  5. oh geez i know how you feel about the geometric shaped lipstick. there was a white geometric shaped chocolate in the hotel room when we arrived and i didnt want to eat it because it was TOO BEAUTIFUL but i ate it anyway and it was delightful /coolstorybro

  6. hey! can i ask if your Kipling by Peter Pilotto pouch is the small or large size? I can’t seem to find the large one..so i’m wondering if there is only one size or two? haha I can’t find the whole collection online!


  7. Gosh, I love love new makeup all the time!! And this is so amazing, the detailing of the lipstick is really gorgeous too. I couldn’t bear to use it at all.

  8. So lucky to have received that gift… I’m guilty of using the same makeup routine as well!

  9. Ive missed your wonderfully lengthy posts! loving all the GIFS. Goshhhh this makes me want to buy new beauty products.

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