Guys..I’m 10000% one of those people who want to live that Pinterest/Muji life: all white apartment, minimalist furniture and tons and tons and tons of plants. Don’t get what I’m talking about? Oh my dear friend, please follow me along to the world of Pinterest, most specifically this and this board. I only just recently started growing (har har how punny) my houseplant collection and you’ve already seen my new Calathea plant named Althea. AND THEN a couple of weeks ago, I was so happily surprised when I received this awesome Click & Grow Smart Garden!

Basically the Click & Grow Smart Garden makes indoor plant growing super easy and really minimal effort. You just have to set it up by plugging it in, adding water and just plopping in the different seed pods you’ve selected. There’s really nothing much you have to do to it; the plants are self-watering from a built-in water thingy and the perfect lamp is time controlled once you plug the whole machine in. They started growing really fast within the first week or two and I now have a pretty decent sized parsley and basil plant! I’ve used the leaves a few times in my cooking and there’s really nothing better than using your own homegrown veggies! I did encounter a few problems with my pods though. At first the furthest right one wasn’t growing at all until I opened the little U lid and realised the sprouts were stuck under there and there was this grey layer of stuff on top that I figured was probably mould. I ended up just throwing that pod out and putting in a new one! Another problem I encountered was that the leaves towards the top (closest to the light) were starting to get brown and I figured they were too close to the light and getting burnt. I’ve since pruned the taller leaves so I think that helps to prevent it from burning. ALSO another thing was that my middle basil plant was just growing so fast and full that I think the leaves up top were blocking the bottom baby leaves from getting any light so a few of them started shrivelling away at the bottom. I just keep trimming the plant to make sure the dead leaves don’t take up any of the water or nutrients and so far we’re still going strong!

Are you thinking of starting your own little home garden too? Then YAY, use the code ‘superwow30‘ for 30% off all Smart Herb Garden products on the Click & Grow website! Grow grow grow!

And in case you were wondering about the post title, please listen to this now.

Unboxing the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden! There are these little tabs where you can write what plants you are growing in your own horrible ugly handwriting!

First night with my new babies! Baby Milo is keeping guard and hopefully doing the Totoro umbrella dance while we sleep.

About 2 weeks later, they’re coming in strong!!!

So here are a few of the problems I mentioned: 1. The grey layer of mouldy looking stuff on top and those sprouts that were smushed on the sides just weren’t growing. 2. The top layer of the leaves closest to the lamp are getting a bit brown…boooo

And 3. these little guys at the very bottom aren’t getting enough light…I think…

SO with some parsley…I made my speciality: savoury biscuits! These ones were loosely based off Smitten Kitchen’s Parsley Pecorino Biscuits but since I didn’t have that much parsley, I made it mostly with spring onions and only had parmesan instead of pecorino but it still tasted SO DAMN GOOD.



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