Greetings from Hong Kong!!!!!

Soooooo I was planning to blog a good long lengthy post before I fly away but between all the packing and throwing stuff out I really didn’t have any time and now I’m back in Hong Kong and I am extremely missing my momo ): but it’s okay cos he’ll be flying over to me in exactly 27 days :D

So its again been a long time since I’ve updated..and i tend to cram WAY too much into one post so this time I’ll just update about my trip to Central Park Zoo. I’ve been told that the Bronx Zoo is way better but it takes much too long to get there and I didn’t wanna waste precious time with momo on the train so instead we headed to the Central Park Zoo. The zoo itself is pretty small but cute. This was my first trip there and after watching Madagascar (cartoon) I thought there was gonna be lions and all that jazz but none ): The biggest animal at the zoo was the polar bears. Other animals that I loved were the penguins (who seem to like to face the walls or rocks, how snubby), and the birds and ducks and momo loved those little snow monkey guys.

DIY half/half tshirt, DIY studded Abercrombie denim jacket, H&M skirt, Random necklaces and rings, Vans Era, Costume National bag

Before heading to the zoo, Momo was hungry so we got a Pizza Pretzel! I’ve never had one before and it’s safe to say that I will probably never have one ever again.

This one’s for momo :D

He also really liked those silly turtles who loved to pile on top of each other haha

A very intense neck.

One of the two very fat polar bears. Don’t they look so soft and cuddly???

Lol yknow I love my gifs hahahaha

hehehe <3

We then headed over to the Tisch Children's Zoo which was just down the park street and I had so much fun in there. I actually liked it way more than the main zoo, maybe cos I'm still such a baby hahaha. The animals at the children's zoo were so funny and cute :D My favourite zoo animal in the whole wide world is a PIG and I was sooooo extremely sad that they had the pigs locked up and caged off in their pen ): They weren't allowed to come out to wander around in their little area and I was sooooo sad cos I really wanted to pet one ): I don't eat pork because I love pigs sooo much and I am dying to get a pet pig. I'm trying to convince my dad to smuggle me down a cute little piglet from China hahaha and that was random fact about Denise for the day.

This lily pad crossing was so cute. Mo was like don’t fall between the gaps! and of course I almost tripped and my foot almost fell into one of those tiny gaps -.-

They have peacocks roaming around freely and this one was just chilling in this viewing area. I could literally get like 1 foot away from it but I was scared he was gonna ruffle his feathers and wack me in the face.

Lololololl this pic is for Julie. This llama was just chilling with his fro and being cute haha.

And these giant acorns are for Nanz. They were seriously like about the size of our wooden pig at home, probably bigger!

And lastly this was the little piggie that I soooo wanted to pet. He was caged away and I assume this is just because of SWINE flu. I HATE SWINE FLU. These poor little pigs had to be trapped away just cos of some stupid flu that they probably didn’t even have anyways -.- look how sad they look!!!! Poor piggies, maybe I’ll plan a rescue mission to release them from the cage and they could hide out at home with me :D


Just wanted to say that sorry I’m really slow and late on replying comments and stuff! Also i’m getting a headache just thinking about my Tumblr. I haven’t checked it in like maybe 5 or more days and I bet there’s probably like 60 pages of content I have to go through. Crazy!!

My next post probably won’t be my first Hong Kong update since I still have some things about my last week in NY to blog about but hopefully I’ll get round to it soon and I’ll be able to show you how beautiful and SWEATY Hong Kong is!


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