BDG Jeans, BF’s Target Flannel, Mama’s Cashmere Scarf, DIY Beanie, Frye Harness Boots, Costume National Bag

Omg so the weather is totally killing me. Come ON now, what’s with the weather nyc!?!??!! Hong Kong is currently celebrating some awesome 18 degree (celcius) weathe?!?!?!? !*@&^*@&#^*@#. I don’t care but I still prefer HK’s humidity and indoor shopping than NY’s dry and outdoor shopping.

And just cos a previous pic didn’t suffice, here’s a better closeup of my beanie:

Cone studs >>>>>> Pyramid studs, yes yes?


Me and Sha are currently working on a secret, almost there, project that will debut quite soon hopefully!!! Stay tuned lubberz…

  1. hey lubbor. hehehehehhehe. helie and mio are lubbors. OMG no can’t believe i just typed that out in the open cyber space. LULZZZZZZZ.

  2. woah great red scarf, why can’t I find something like that. wow those cone studs are quality. Not like those you get cheap from ebay… its almost like a brand now :P

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