confessing my H&M love

Hey guys!

Thanks for the comments about the eyebrow deal. I think when I get back home to Hong Kong I’ll make an appointment at Nars and take the plunge into refining my browz. Maybe I’ll do a before and after haha and hopefully it won’t look like a complete disaster *crosses fingers*

So a bunch of my friends from highschool have been visiting for thanksgiving. Oh yeh, happy belated thanksgiving everyone!! Not that I really celebrate it or anything but it was just a fun time to get together with everyone.

But forget thanksgiving, this post is about my love for H&M!!!! Me and sha call it hammie just cos we’re cool like that. Just like how urban outfitters is called urbie and how gap is called yppag. hahaha nvmm…

I just recently saw the lookbook for H&M’s spring 2009 collection and I have to say that I am EXTREMELY excited!! The look is so spring and clean and just makes me want to frolick in the meadows hahaha. Me and the cold do NOT go well together so I can’t wait for it to start heating up already!

Check out these pics from the lookbook that I got off nitro:licious, who got them off Modefeber:

SOO excited for this jacket.

Funny pose, but cool jacket!!

Interesting little spandex shorts….


Cannoooott wait to be wearing shorts and tops again!!

Woah look at that necklace!


So you have no idea howwwwww excited I was when i heard that Matthew Williamson is slated to be the next H&M designer collab! omgggg I looooove his stuff and am SO excited for this collection! I can’t wait till someone sneaks a preview and posts its somewhere for all of us to drool over!

So what’s exciting about this collection is that this is the first time they’ll have 2 deliveries of the collection. The first hit will come out in 200 select stores on April 23 then the second delivery will be in all 1700 H&M stores sometime in May. The collection will include women’s and menswear which will be the first time Williamson has done anything for men.

More info here!

Yay how awesome is H&M!!!!

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