StyleNanda skirt, vintage Body Glove crop tee, Muji denim jacket, Converse x Missoni Auckland Racers and Ann Demeulemeester tote

There are some serious pros and cons of being a blogger…but let’s not get toooo deep into that. One great thing is that you really get to see new products and collections from brands and designers before everyone else. With that being said though, it sucks cos you’ll fall in love with something and yet it won’t be in stores for another few months so waiting is all you can do T.T Back in May/June, on the Converse Got Seoul trip I wrote about before, the actual point of the trip was to check out the latest Converse FH14 collection.

After some morning feasts at Grill5 Taco (where else duh), me and my team (the best team: Melinda, Carmen and Yoyo) headed over to aA Design Museum to check out the Converse FH14 Press Preview. Immediately, upon entering, everyone was mesmerised by the fully monotone and waxy finish of the new Weatherised Chuck Taylors. Basically they are semi-waterproof (i mean, who wants to actually go swimming or puddle jumping in their chucks anyway?) with a high gusset on the tongue so that water can’t seep in and the waxy finish helps to wick water away. I’m super eyeing the all white or all black version *HINT HINT*. For Chuck Taylors, there were the usual punk rock/Americana influences with back-zips, tri-zips and native American beaded zipper pulls. For Jack Purcell, expect super super comfy cork inner soles with really high-end leather finishing and stitching. Finally for CONS, with throwbacks to their origins in 1980s basketball, the Weapons and Aerojams are back in really sleek all over white versions as well as a fancy limited edition ALL GOLD. I think it’s totally okay to be just a little fancehhhhh for balling!

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Outfit photos taken by Carmen Chan outside W Hotel Walkerhill, Seoul.

No words. Just Grill5 Taco.

Carnitas burrito

Seoul fries

Hiiii yoyo!

What would Sneakers do!? Let’s get nutz!

Perfect monotone Weatherised Chuck Taylors!

Connecting with Jack Purcell

CONS Aerojams

A fun giveaway at the press preview: a customizable little sneaker boy. So kun lik, I whipped this little guy up!

YEAH we so coooool: Yoyo, Borgy, Derek hiding, Carmen and Melinda!

duhhhh okay

The newest boyband out of South East Asia.

Call us when there’s a colour darker than black | TOUGHLOVE

( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣


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