Stussy x 360 Sounds long tee, Uniqlo jeans, Bianca Chandon Lover tee, Monki jacket, COS stripy tee, Isabel Marant blazer, Sophie Hulme box tote and Converse Chuck Taylors.

It’s just so great when your husband works for one of the coolest brands ever. Converse has always been a favourite brand of mine and I laugh now when I think about my first pair when I was 15 and all my friends thought they were so ugly and “local” looking. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW HUH!? hehehehe anyway a couple of weeks ago (yah right I mean months ago), Converse China held an amazing event at this crazy abandoned outdoor “club area” in downtown Shanghai. It was like a circular area with big rooms surrounding the open centre and those were the “clubs”. Apparently there was an airplane club that made it look like the interior of a plane, an “Eiffel tower” club that had a mini version and I guess more randomness that China loves to bring. So the Converse event was to celebrate Made by you for Shanghai, highlighting some local creatives and Shanghai music.

Can you say obsessed much? Installation artist Gu Yeli took the idea of overpacked local Shanghai bicycles and turned them into really cool art installations like my favourite flower cart one (that I took a million photos of) and the cart completely covered over with cut up and sewn together Chuck Taylors. Other artists such as Helen Lee took the idea of the canvas and created huge cool pieces and also eyewear designer Chair Yuan, had an amazing idea that what if all those shoes hanging on telephone poles, random bridges and on light poles had eyes? He shot content in the point of view of the hanging sneakers which was such a great idea. There was so much else going on too: customizing chucks, shooting your own sneaker portrait, delicious food by Gumgum and of course great live music.

Overall, China needs more events like this. Fun, casual and bringing to light more local creative talent. Even if you weren’t there for the art and music, it was just a great weekend for hanging out and being outdoors with good weather, good food, good friends and a great brand. Have you guys watched the latest #ddtv episode on the event? This is kinda one of my favourite videos to date! Enjoy!

Can you tell I was OBSESSED with this bicycle?

Special “Shanghai” burger from GUMGUM!

Hi guy!

Stealing flowers left and right hehe

| A little FIRSTLOVElove

These two bestfriends and Shima <3

J-Fever and Chacha..sooooo good!

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