Mark Goss

In photobooth pics: Eyelet top from Korea (similar here)

So much has happened in the past few weeks that this post is way overdue already even though the event was just barely 2 weeks ago. Converse APAC put on an amazing art show during Hong Kong’s Art Basel called Converse Open Studio. Putting on their own version of Art Basel HK, colloquially called #OFFBASEL, Converse invited 6 artists from all over the world to take over The Space on Hollywood Road. They created an “open studio” concept where they worked all day during the week and people were allowed to come and watch the artists in their own element working, drawing and painting. During Art Basel, rarely do you ever get to interact with the artists let alone watch them work but Converse made that possible. Hanging out with the boys and girl was great and we even had a little pet turtle (fittingly named Chuck Turtle) hang out with us all week. For me, being able to help out and be an extremely small part of what was such a great event felt really great and seeing how great the final event turned out, I have never been more proud than my soon-to-be husband Jason! Proud of you baby ٩꒰๑• ̫•๑꒱۶♡

Also, make sure you check out the final video below of all the artists working during the week! A great video by Kenneth from Lightseed Studio.

The amazing artists were Mark Goss (UK), Peter Yuill (Canada), Caratoes (Belgium), Richard Colman (USA) and Cody Hudson (USA).

View the HD version here.

Pen and paper illustrations by Cody Hudson

Snippets of 3D wood work and illustrations by Cody Hudson. Yardbird x Cody Hudson poster.

Richard Colman’s station. Not pictured: bottles on bottles on bottles of Pocari Sweat.

Richard Colman





Chuck Turtle hiiiii!

Mark Goss

Peter Yuill

Sweet lounge space bro!


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