Cross my heart sunglasses from, Nike dry-fit tee, Topshop leigh jeans, Dr Martens 1461 3-eye shoes, Céline Trapeze bag and Daniel Wellington watch.

Oh so this is the blog debut of my new hair! Funny cos I went full blonde almost a month now so it’s sorta nothing new to me anymore. At first I did have to do a few double takes every time I caught my reflection but now the blonde is ~~part of me~~ and I’m just trying to come up with fun ways to style my newly short hair. So far all I have is tying it in a low short pony tail with a clean parting. Anyone else have some fun styling tips for medium length hair?

Anyway we shot this outfit a couple of weeks back at the semi-new mall REEL that has amazing stores but absolutely zero customers. What’s new China? Since everyone heads down to Hong Kong to take advantage of the tax-free shopping instead. Anyhoo wearing some new BADASS circle sunglasses that I am super in love with. Even Sumo loves them! Doesn’t he look smashing? Okay yes they’re not exactly the real deal Henry Hollands but when you gotta do, you just gotta do okay! I’m still holding out for one day when the precious Chanel round text sunglasses fall ever so politely into my hands. Oh man what I wouldn’t give to add these to my ever growing sunglasses collection! Oh but these perfect Henry Holland wannabes will do juuuuust fine for now!

GUHHHH Creamy mushroom and cheese crepes galore at La Creperie at REEL!

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