I’ve noticed that most of my most popular photos on instagram are part of my #ddskitchen foodie pics! There’s actually one other person who keeps tagging #ddskitchen as well on instagram and let’s be honest, that’s really annoying haha but oh well I guess you’d be able to tell which pics are mine! Anyway so I decided to start a little column on my blog dedicated to some meals that I’ve cooked up recently at home. I try to do weekly meal prep which is basically setting the coming week’s menu over the weekend so that makes it easier when I go grocery shopping and also so I don’t stress daily about what to cook. We have a rule that we do at least 4 dinners a week at home and normally treat ourselves to dinner out on Fri, Sat and Sun. This helps us to stay healthy, save money and plus, my cooking is just damn good okay?

So here’s a quick round-up of some dishes I whipped up lately. We try to eat a lot of fish around here and lots of sweet potatoes too. There’s no recipe for the fish dish up top but basically all you gotta do is get any nice white fish, wash and pat dry then coat with olive oil and salt and peppah. Sprinkle chopped garlic and any herbs over then cover with thin lemon slices. Do this all layed on a parchment paper then on a larger tinfoil to wrap up the package. Bake at 200•c for 15mins or until fish becomes soft and flakey! I threw this over some lemon pasta (recipe here) to round out a full meal. This is one of our favourite dishes ever!

Galbi-Jim: Korean beef stew with potatoes, carrots and Asian pears. SO SO good and quite sweet from the dash of sugar. It calls for 1/2 cup of sugar but feel free to lessen this. We ate this over rice (mmMmMmm I love saucy rice) and a side of steamed Chinese veggies.

Oh gosh this Lemon Meringue Pie! It was a Friday and I was literally like “Okay nope, not working today. I’m going to make a pie.” And I did just that. I had a store-bought pie crust, a bunch of lemons and a fresh carton of eggs lying around that were just screaming LEMON MERINGUE PIE at me. Don’t be intimidated by the meringue, if you have an electric mixer then it’s super easy. My only issue was that after a few days, the meringue was separating from the filling..I’ll have to experiment more with this.

Does anyone else cook a lot at home? What are some of your favourite recipes or foodie cooking sites? Let’s get a list going!

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