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KSUBI sheer skeleton tee, Topshop Leigh jeans, Superga classic white sneakers and vintage Chanel handbag.

Been hanging out with my Brew and Post buddies all week and it’s been seriously the best! Brew and Post is a new collective of bloggers in Hong Kong formed by a group of us in an effort to combine the few of fashion and lifestyle, male and female bloggers together as a small network. We are basically a family of 7 bloggers that support each other and work together to build each other’s blog through working collaboratively with brands as well as doing our own little projects. I’ve been linking Brew and Post a little here and there and you may notice our little logo down their in the corner of my blog but this summer we’ll be pushing our network like crazy so you’ll definitely be hearing more about it!!

I’ve been shooting tons of short little videos of my everyday life lately and just trying to capture the random and fun things that happens daily for me. Been trying to work on ddtv more and hope to have more fun little videos for you guys! Let me know if you guys are down for these ddtv videos or if there’s anything else you’d like to see! I already have a few lined up so you’ll get to see them soon!


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