Something Else by Natalie Wood Bugged Box Pleat dress, KSUBI Kustom studded denim jacket (both from Electric Sekki), Prada mini-satchel and ASH Banyan wedges. link

Oh man has this week been a special one! I am sososososososososo lucky and honoured that I was invited to dinner with none other than everybody-and-their-mom’s favourite style icon Taylor Tomasi Hill! Along with Sarah Rutson, TTH designed a mini capsule collection of 7 pieces exclusively for Lane Crawford. She was in town for just a few days (her first time in Asia!!) to style some displays for LC and to basically introduce her little collection! Along with Sha, Carmen and Tania, we went to the LC SS12 Press Preview to look at all the upcoming goodies for Spring Summer and we actually got to meet Taylor earlier in the day. We did a little sit down chit-chat with her where me and Sha asked her a bunch of fun questions..but more on that later though!

So yes that night I was one of the lucky few who was invited to attend the dinner with Taylor and some other super stylish people at Heirloom Eatery. I was a bit nervous at first cos I thought I wouldn’t know anyone who was going but luckily, Cindy, Christina and Virginia (of HKFashionGeek) were attending too! UNluckily though, the seating was assigned but I happily sat (at one head of the table) next to Stinger and Han Huo Huo, with Virginia not too far away. Anyway so dinner was fun, the food was quite good (especially the sweet potato fries and the fun dessert at the end!) and it was great hearing funny stories from Sarah Rutson, Taylor and attempting (more like pretending) to understand everyone around me’s Mandarin conversation, (ahem complete fail).

Thanks SO much to Lane Crawford for inviting me! You can check out some amazing pics of TTH in her collection on the Lane Crawford site and also buy some of the limited pieces here!

Taylor sitting just a few seats away…

So you see those little colouring pencils in the previous pics? We were asked to draw on our little name cards the one thing we are most looking forward to for Spring/Summer. Of course, me loving to death all kinds of floral prints, I drew my own little version of a print with some of my line patterns that I always draw. Mine looked a little more complete than everybody else’s since a) I didn’t understand 98% of the Mandarin conversations around me, and b) I’m a graphic designer..if I don’t draw something nice really quick people would disown me. I’m quite happy with my little drawing! These little cards will be turned into some sort of collage for something..somewhere…I’ll let you guys know when I find out!

Tina obviously entertaining Taylor!


Loved the decor in Heirloom.

mmmmmm my favourite dish: Sweet potato fries!

And finally dessert! They have these mini fires for you to toast your own marshmallows on to make S’mores! What a great little idea and so fun cos I’ve never really made s’mores before!

This was Taylor’s little card with her favourite thing for Spring/Summer being her own Taylor Tomasi Hill x Lane Crawford collection!

And finally a little group pic from Tina :)

I did actually get more pics with Taylor but…my camera is like some crazy foreign object that no one (sometimes even me!) knows how to use so most of my pics were blurry ): oh well, good thing I remembered to take plenty of mental pictures that night!



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