Monki denim shirt, Uniqlo black jeans, Céline Trapeze bag and Converse x Missoni Auckland Runners.

A couple of weeks ago, my love and I booked super last minute tickets to Singapore for a quick weekend pre-craziness getaway. Pretty hectic and semi-bad timing of a trip considering I moved house just the day before (whoops) and still had loads to pack for other stuff but the short 2 nights 3 days trip was much needed, especially for Jason. Anyway, there was so much I wanted to jam pack into our 2 day trip and we wasted no time and filled our bellies with as much yummy food as possible. At the end of each day we were both so deadly exhausted, the sign to a day well fulfilled.

On day one, just two hours after landing, we headed out to Tiong Bahru to meet up with Annabel! Internet friends meeting IRL FTW! We ate a super late lunch at the foodcourt there: one dish of chicken rice, fried carrot cake and lastly, delicious Chwee Kueh from the famous Jian Bo Shui Kueh stall (recommended!! SOO YUM!!). Singapore has the BEST food courts for super cheap and super delicious food. If you had no other reasons to visit Singapore, the food courts should be your one and only. Barely 2 hours after our super yum foodcourt meal, we went to meet up with my family (yes I’m Singaporean, the best eans in the world) for seafood at Long Beach King Seafood: CHILI CRAB, BLACK PEPPER CRAB, MANTOU FOR DIPPING YUM YUM YUM.

Singapore food court style Hainanese chicken rice, The Fucking Best!!

Fried carrot cake 炒萝卜糕 my second favourite Singapore dish.

Chwee Kueh! So delicious…it’s basically steamed rice cake with preserved veggies on top and XO sauce on the side.

Hello Kitsune cutie!

Hiiii Annabel!!

ZOMG chili crab. So delicious, so messy but so worth it!

After dinner we stopped by Marina Bay Sands for my first time! The humungous amazing floating LV store along the water!

To get to the floating store through the mall, you have to walk through a gallery/tunnel inside the LV store.

Up on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. In loooove with the SUPER TREES at Gardens by the bay but sadly didn’t have time to visit them during the day, next time for sure!

American Apparel raglan shirt, Uniqlo black jeans, Céline Trapeze bag and Converse x Missoni Auckland Runners
The next day, my uncle picked us up early in the morning for brunch at the famous 328 Katong Laksa. One of the best in Singapore and I’m so effing hungry right now typing this post that beads of tears are started to trickle from my eye.. We headed to Raffles Hotel to check out FIL, Surrender and Front Row with some sips of the famous Singapore Sling and fruit punch at the coffee shop downstairs in between random outfit shooting at the beautiful green scenery around the hotel. After that we did the usual Orchard Road run between malls whilst picking up some of my wishlist-ed items from Topshop happily found on SALE (SCOOOOOOOOOORE!) We ended our night with an early dinner at the famous (but quite pricey) Chatterbox restaurant at Mandarin Orchard hotel where I used to go all the time when we were little kids. So much has changed now though! We capped off our quick fun getaway trip at the amazing Singapore NIGHT EFFING SAFARI!!! Coolest idea ever to have a night safari and this is already my second time within the year almost. I love zoos!!! I LOVE ALL ZOOS!!!!



Oh yeah say hello to my new Céline glasses! Also, my hair is pink/purple/blue now! Don’t even know why… hoping to get it touched up real soon!

Jason in custom TOUGHLOVE tshirt that I got him for christmas :D

Jason was dying for this: icecream wrapped in pandan bread from a street seller! Yum!

yummm Hainanese chicken rice at Chatterbox, Mandarin Orchard hotel.

Jason’s Char kway teow

mmmmm lychee ice and my favourite: Milo Dinosaur!

Happy travels ♥

P.S. I’m kinda busy right now to tally up the winner for the CASTEGRAM giveaway so you still have time to enter here!

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