H&M skirt, Topshop belt, PB’s ck tshirt, F21 jacket, random otk socks, DIY necklace, JC Tube-2 ankle boots

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man feels like it’s been ages..and it has been since I’ve last posted..almost a month! The past few weeks have been so mentally draining and I haven’t felt this exhausted in so long. As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I’ve been working serious late nights (think 2/3/4a.m.) and so blogging has definitely NOT been on the top of my priority list (think more sleeping sleeping and lots of sleeping). Also, in terms of actual outfits..everything has been COMFORT FIRST, meaning just jeans, tees and Vans. Hopefully work will start to calm down in the next few weeks and regular posting will be back in order! And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway that I promised ages ago….

The shoes…are the Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 that my wonderful PB got for me from Solestruck! My new favourite pair of shoes that I managed to survive a whole day in despite being 5 inches of chunky wood…well…whole day meaning 9+ hours of sitting on my ass at work -________-

This is basically the bunch of necklaces that I wear daily. They’re all DIY and the pendants I sourced from different places. My newest edition is the silver bullet.

Funny! Would anyone dare to wear this out?
L-R: H&M bug-looking, random woven, H&M armor, random knuckle, H&M (lol didn’t realise so many were H&M)

Anyone have problems when buying rings? Always finding them TOOOO big for your finger? YES! That damn E&J-looking ring on my index finger is wayyy too big for me. BUT NO WORRIES, check out my easy FIY (fix-it-yourself) over at LADYLIKE.


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