FINALLY my laptop and I have reunited BUT unfortunately, I lost all my programs..meaning my Adobe CS3 and so now it’s been surprisingly hard for me to acquire a new copy, even though I have all official serial numbers from when I purchased it! So I’ve unhappily had to resort to downgrading to CS2 instead ):

I’m sorry this update is way overdue but I’ve actually had very little time to blog because I’m now working part-time for a friend at a website design firm so waking up kinda early and coming home tired is no fun and means no time for play ): Luckily, I have Saturday to unwind and relax so I spent this last weekend with my friends having Yum Cha and walking around and shopping! Okay I always tend to write way too much so I’m just going to post pics now.

Ralph Lauren kid’s oxford shirt, DIY Uniqlo denim shorts, Converse, Costume National bag and a bunch of jewelry

L-R: H&M, H&M, Bottega Veneta, DIY

This is the best I can do in terms of outfit shots. It’s been waaaay too hot for decent outfits and I think my clothes are disappearing cos I never have anything I want to wear anymore. I really really need to go shopping ):

How cute is this dimsum? Some hedgehog guy filled with taro :D

omigash giant soup spoon and bao with chopsticks!!! sooooo awesomeeeeee

lol yeh…

Went to the I.T. warehouse store and they had this two-tone Margiela pumps!! I forgot the price but I tried them on and they’re so narrow they hurt ):

We then went to H&M where I lusted after this sequined sweater. I am so broke so I didn’t get it and plus it was 5% angora so I’ll just get it later on when it gets cooler.

AH! Spotted my future babies again at OnPedder

At Nine West I spotted these pointed winklepickers (hehehe) and I fell in looooove. The double buckle and the stitching around the sole is pretty awesome and they’re not TOO high so they’re mega comfy!! They’re quite pricey for Nine West (about $1200hk) but they did have 15% off. I didn’t get them..but hopefully I will sometime!

We then went to Zara where I tried on THE OTK boots. They were amazingly pretty easy to get on (after a little struggle to get the zip over my gumungous calves) and they’re realllly comfy! I thought they might get too hot and sweaty but the lining inside is pretty comfy and doesn’t feel like it’ll stick to your skin too much.

Another AWang imitation at Blue’s Heroes! This came in random colours like cherry red and homepage purple (lulz i think only nanz understands what colour that is)

Oh so this was the only thing I picked up that day. A really awesome pyramid ring from Mango! I was surprised that Mango had some pretty awesome stuff and this was only sale for only $40 ($5us)!!!!!!!

Good times, good times.

Recently I received this G-Shock watch from my buddy Jess!!! I’m soooo happy I finally got it. It’s an amazing corally/peach colour that I really love and I’ve always wanted a special G-Shock. It’s a collaboration with Hawaiian streetwear label IN4MATION so when you press the light on it says this:

SO CUTE YES?!?!?!?!

AND lastly I’d like to announce that the winner of my little giveaway iss……..dudhudhdududuhdudhud*drumroll*


who asked me: whats one thing that inspires you that is out of the ordinary? how long does it take for you to put your outfits together?

I’ll be emailing you shortly to ask for your address etc :D

My lucky doggie helped me pick out the winner :D Also, I’ve answered all the questions already but since this post is pretty heavy already, I’ve decided to save it for later. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for submitting questions and this giveaway thing has been quite fun so I do plan on doing another one quite soon!!!!

Also I have a whole bunch of new jewelry that I’ve made that I’ve been meaning to post!! I’ve sort of been thinking alot about my jewelry and have a huge project in the works buttt…I’ll keep it to myself for now and let you guys in on the secret later!! But I gotta tell you it’s SUPER exciting and I really hope everything works out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. WOW, the gshock is amazing. i remember back in the day when i was like, 10 when GBabys were SO POPULAR. like, actually. and i can’t believe i used to wear that around because mine, unlike some of my friends’, had fabric straps with, coincidentally, a floral print similar to those of hawaiian flowers (like your watch).. sigh, i still have it but i’d never wear it again.. it got so dirty with wear, and it also kind of smells, ahaha. whatever, those were the good ol’ days.

    anyway, i’m loving the more modern model, lol. the color is SO perfect, and i like the smoothness of the plastic/rubber(?)

  2. YAY you updated haha

    omg i miss my baby G :( it got all yellow and stuff. i’m surprised to see they still look cute. i wonder why they ever went out of fashion..hmm

    srsly after having been to singapore this weekend i now know what malaysia lacks in terms of fashion. i’m pretty sure shopping is way awesome in HK as well. so many things to buy!! sigghh. i think i’d go v bankrupt if i lived in HK :P and all that FOOD! ahh.

  3. Omg they have an I.T. Warehouse?? I went to the ones in the malls when I was in HK and I wanted everything there. Where is it btw? I’ll probably be going back to HK next year! P.s. Love your jewelry

  4. CzerwonaAzalia

    how much are the ZARA BOOTS ? i wait them to hit my local stories in poland here :)

    ps. i just found your blog and i fell in love with it. Amazing style and so funny and freshly happy style !

  5. I’ve never been convinced about OTK boots but you look great in those! Maybe my mind will change…And it’s cool you have an upcoming jewelry project. Have you thought about getting into the jewelry business? (Haha, industry/whatever)

  6. OH sheeeeeet. Those boots are crazyyy! Hahah, I think I’d burn and die if I wore them here in LA x_x OH and that hedgehog looks so delicious ahahaha.

  7. I love the sweater, sequins are so nice! I really like your pictures btw :)

  8. its nice seeing you back!
    and that sequined sweater looks gorg!

  9. Wow, so many beautiful things I don’t know what to say. I love those two tone shoes and that porkypine looking food? Anyways, you always have great photos! I love it all


  11. i love how info packed your posts always are. i’m too lazy to right and get scared that people i know secretly read and i don’t want them to know everything i’m doing. and those winklepickers (one of my fave fashion words besides knickerbockers) are adorabbbble. but i am so broke now and need to stop looking. so sad so sad. and for ny, i’m going to work and play. me and my friend are going mid january and we have a place to stay till we get our own. just trying to see where is good… hopefully we get something nice and decently priced. my friend is visiting from vegas and she told me her rent for a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom is $892!!! so cheap. hawaii isn’t a cheap place to live either… some studios start at $1000. def not paradise, haha. oh and love the watch color. in4mation is one of the best stores for guys in hawaii, they eat that shit up! but, i’ll keep you updated on my ny plans!

  12. i meant write not right. :)

  13. Sooo can I go shopping with you/ spend a day in your life? I’m looking for a sequin cardigan, but can’t find one that’s not $9375610293.

  14. First time here, but I love your blog! I’m also from hk and this is quite possibly the first time I’ve found a site I like written by someone from here so…yay!

  15. ninniez. you should keep my link as your ONLY ‘daily reads’ KAYS. or else i want my own ”ninniez’ section. GOT IT??????????????

  16. omg nomnomnom all those goodies especially the boots!!!!
    that h&m sweater is so cute! that would be such a tedious diy!

  17. Your blog is so much fun to read and I really wonder how you can actually write it all out.. i’m such a bum to even write everyday! and you’re so pretty! And I just happened to stumble across your blog.. :)

  18. ahhhh….i miss shopping in HK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh great post! I loooove the sequins sweater. So cute and of course the wang shoes…. yum

  20. I think I’ve been to that store before with the giant bao hahah. I also think I need to take myself to Zara sometime soon. And why is that no one here in So Cal has made any A. Wang knock-offs?!!

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