dumpling feast.


So I’m trying to keep up my updating..but it’ll probably mostly be on the weekends since not alot of exciting things happen during the week, just school and tons of work ):

So I’m still thinking if I should get those shoes that I posted in my last update..well right now there’s not really any question seeing as I have like..nearly NEGATIVE amounts in my bank account. oh. my. gawd. which is gonna be a serious problem next week when like 10 people are coming to visit NY and we’ll be going out tons. oh man, i need an immediate sugar daddy to fund my thanksgiving week!!!!!

Anyways, apart from me constantly complaining about not having money and about wanting to buy so many things..me, mo, kho and adum went for dinner today at DUMPLING MAN (1st ave and 8th st) and man it was zewwwwwwww good.

Soooo yum!!!! looooooove dumplings.

Great thing about dumpling man is that these little cute chinese ladies make the dumplings fresh right in front of you! These were a bunch of raw dumplings that were about to become somebody’s HEAVEN IN DUMPLING SKIN.


I didn’t take a picture of my outfit today, it was nothing special but I thought I’d share a shot of my necklaces. Collectively me and Sha (my sister) have a LOT of jewelry, mostly necklaces. and I mean ALOT. Mostly gold too..don’t know why so I have been looking out for some nice silver chains too. The silver rosary pictured above is actually Sha’s that was given to her from Dolce & Gabanna when she interned there last summer.


When it’s cold out, a big chunky comfy sweatshirt all wrapped up in Mo is the best <3




P.S. On a blog-related note:
I’ve just bought a new domain..which I will be revealing in a few days, in which I will be transferring all my blogging to and will be running on WordPress under my own domain. I can’t wait till I’ve sorted it all out but it’s all very exciting =D and my domain URL is awesome and I can’t waittttt to put in full use.

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