Egg: 12 Xiangyang Road near Julu Road, Shanghai

As everyone knows, cooking at home is one of my favourite things to do. Every day or every other day, I’ll discuss with my sister Nanz about what we should both make for dinner that night or the next two nights. Half the time we end up cooking the exact same thing on the same night. This makes me so happy cos it’s like we can pretend we’re all eating together! That’s what I do with Jason, when he eats lunch at work, I try to eat at the same time so we can pretend we’re eating together. Cue the cringing romantic blehhh faces. As I’m always posting what we ate on my instagram (keep up with #newddskitchen!), I get so many requests from friends to cook for them or to host a dinner so they can try my cooking! I finally caved and hosted an official Chef’s Table dinner at my friend Camden’s restaurant Egg.

Egg hosts monthly Chef’s Table dinners at the restaurant every few weeks with a visiting or well-known chef in Shanghai. Maybe January was a quiet month for them cos obviously I am NOT a well-known chef or a chef of any kind for that matter but Camden finally convinced and invited me to host a dinner which we opened up to just a few of our close friends. Not wanting to use my instagram hashtag as the name of the dinner, we decided to go with Dynasty Kitchen..which is a play on our wedding/family hashtag which was #THELAMDYNASTY! Anyway, not wanting to make this post too wordy, let me quickly explain: The timing of the dinner was just a week or so before Chinese New Year and this time I wouldn’t be going back home to HK for the holiday so instead, I decided to make the theme of this dinner a Hong Kong style Chinese New Year dinner. I cooked some of my favourite Canto dishes and a few CNY classics that I’ve never made before. The whole week or two leading up to the dinner I tested all the dishes and my guinea pig Jason was brave enough to taste test everything for me. Luckily it all worked out and all my nerves of failing dishes, uncooked food, dishes accidentally served cold or people just generally hating my food, that all never happened and it turned out to be such a great night. Huge thanks to Camden for letting me do this, Jason for always championing my cooking and my lil Nanz for flying up and surprising me for support!!

Photos and video by 宽 Kuan – an amazing photographer based in Shanghai. MUST check out his feed! #TRUST

A video of the night! So much fun with my frendzzzzzzz and thanks to Kuan for the amazing video!
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All ready for dinner!

Frying up the lo bat go/turnip cake! Working on a flat top cooker is so fun.

The first dish! Cooked A LOT of turnip cake this whole Chinese New Year and I’ll never get sick of it.

Serving up a bowl of sweet corn and chicken soup.

Moving on to sweet and sour pork!

One of my favourite dishes: braised mushrooms in oyster sauce with bok choi!

On to prepping one of the main highlight dishes!

Cantonese-style steamed fish!! Topped with my favourite spring onion and ginger oil mix..sooo yum

And revealing the final main dish..

Cantonese-style Clay pot rice!! With lap cheong and lap mei (preserved sausage and pork belly)!

Time for dessert!

Sweet potato and ginger soup with black sesame tong yuen and…..

Homemade egg tarts!!!! I got up the nerves and made these from scratch all by myself and they were SO GOOD.

The tart was more cookie based (as opposed to puff pastry) and took on a more “rustic” hand done feel

And that’s a wrap! Yayyyyy ♥

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