I tend to blab on too much on my blog so from now on it’s less talk more random pictures.

Zara bleached shirt, DIY Uniqlo shorts, Costume National bag

regular bracelets (H&M and Bottega Veneta), Cartier Watch

Mango pyramid ring, KJL stone ring

To get this awesome blurry ethereal effect all you have to do is keep your camera in a super cold preferably air-conditioned room then go outside where the blistering heat is beating down on you like no other. The next step is all on science – just let mr. condensation do its thang.

PB’s new apartment/bed

Uniqlo shorts, Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, Emporio Armani messenger bag, Vans authentics

PB complains that he’s never on the blog so here he is looking super cute like a little Japanese school boy.

Clearly PB doesn’t know how to focus using the camcam.

Got that H&M ckane-wannabe dress and I kind of love it. In case you were thinking of getting it, you might want to get it a size or two down. It’s quite large and boxy.

Love the dark lips. Can’t wait for GGS3! Too bad I’ll be having to watch them online ):

mini-Drumsticks. EAT THAT SHIT.

Bullet points….quicker way to say what I want to say (so I don’t blab on):
My mama’s quite mad at me today..what should I do to make it up to her?
My work doesn’t BLOCK sites but they walk by all the time and my back is facing the corridor so i never really know when they’re coming
Today my co-worker told me sometimes they CHECK iChat transcripts so now I have to delete them at the end of the day -.-
Someone asked about my hair length. My hair is my baby. In June 2006 for some reason I decided to CHOP EVERYTHING off and it became ear-length. NEVER AGAIN. I’ve grown it out since then and have only cut it maybe twice since then. My hair is kinda dying though..dry and everything from multiple bleaching and dye jobs but I kinda refuse to cut more than 2″ off.
Oh man lol incase you haven’t read my contact page, after my previous post, confessing my undying love for Lane Crawford, someone from their PR team commented on my contact page. I died for a good 30 minutes.
Lastly, nope my Frye 8R boots are not narrow and they’re very comfortable. I actually got them a size bigger cos I would wear double socks or super thick woolly socks in the winter. Well at first they killed the soles of my feet cos they were just too darn heavy and hard but after adding in 2 full shoe pads they’re a lot comfortable and I’ve since gotten used to the weight.

Quick last note: been thinking about the direction of my blog…should it be less talk more pictures? should I be more fashion focused and post some inspiration pics/outfits? more PB? some design inspiration? hmm any suggestions?

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