I tend to blab on too much on my blog so from now on it’s less talk more random pictures.

Zara bleached shirt, DIY Uniqlo shorts, Costume National bag

regular bracelets (H&M and Bottega Veneta), Cartier Watch

Mango pyramid ring, KJL stone ring

To get this awesome blurry ethereal effect all you have to do is keep your camera in a super cold preferably air-conditioned room then go outside where the blistering heat is beating down on you like no other. The next step is all on science – just let mr. condensation do its thang.

PB’s new apartment/bed

Uniqlo shorts, Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, Emporio Armani messenger bag, Vans authentics

PB complains that he’s never on the blog so here he is looking super cute like a little Japanese school boy.

Clearly PB doesn’t know how to focus using the camcam.

Got that H&M ckane-wannabe dress and I kind of love it. In case you were thinking of getting it, you might want to get it a size or two down. It’s quite large and boxy.

Love the dark lips. Can’t wait for GGS3! Too bad I’ll be having to watch them online ):

mini-Drumsticks. EAT THAT SHIT.

Bullet points….quicker way to say what I want to say (so I don’t blab on):
My mama’s quite mad at me today..what should I do to make it up to her?
My work doesn’t BLOCK sites but they walk by all the time and my back is facing the corridor so i never really know when they’re coming
Today my co-worker told me sometimes they CHECK iChat transcripts so now I have to delete them at the end of the day -.-
Someone asked about my hair length. My hair is my baby. In June 2006 for some reason I decided to CHOP EVERYTHING off and it became ear-length. NEVER AGAIN. I’ve grown it out since then and have only cut it maybe twice since then. My hair is kinda dying though..dry and everything from multiple bleaching and dye jobs but I kinda refuse to cut more than 2″ off.
Oh man lol incase you haven’t read my contact page, after my previous post, confessing my undying love for Lane Crawford, someone from their PR team commented on my contact page. I died for a good 30 minutes.
Lastly, nope my Frye 8R boots are not narrow and they’re very comfortable. I actually got them a size bigger cos I would wear double socks or super thick woolly socks in the winter. Well at first they killed the soles of my feet cos they were just too darn heavy and hard but after adding in 2 full shoe pads they’re a lot comfortable and I’ve since gotten used to the weight.

Quick last note: been thinking about the direction of my blog…should it be less talk more pictures? should I be more fashion focused and post some inspiration pics/outfits? more PB? some design inspiration? hmm any suggestions?

  1. Cool effect! Anyway I actually like how you talk about your life while showing your fashion-y side… It makes you more real and personable! (:

  2. oooh the pictures effect is so cool! PB, whoever that is, is so cute! and i swear that H&M dress is like the new trend of Crocs or something, but in the fashion blogosphere. (I’m guilty, too).

    and mini drumsticks!? never seen or heard of those before!

    as for making it up to your mom.. i just clean my room when my mom’s mad at me.. i basically just try to stay out of her way, lol.

  3. Hey-
    your pics are cool as usual. And they keep me entertained during work- thanks-
    Mo is wacksauce because he never gave me his address…so maybe you could give it to me!
    and more of him on here is cool (i do not like his outfit in that pic! lol)
    hope all is well…
    peace out DNYCE!

  4. Where can I buy a black lipstick?
    The photo effect is so cool!
    And your jewelry.. wow! Amazing!

  5. frankly hun you should just blog about whatever you feel like blogging about :)

  6. yeah I like your blog more than others because it’s not so boring. There are too many “fashion” blogs out there. So keep up whatever you’re doing.

  7. More PB!!!! =D jajaja

  8. really like that blurry effect, very dreamy. lol and PB’s outfit is very cute.

    i really like your rambles about your life. keep it up :)

  9. i love the blur but is it healthy for your camera? LOL

  10. I’m from Singapore and I love your blog because not only is it about fashion but there’s bits of everything else! Like a cliche lame love song lyric; don’t change (the blog posts)! Eh, think it would be selfish of me as a reader to demand more photos but I love all the gifs you do too, bloody cool!

  11. I like your blog– cute gifs, outfit pics, and all. Especially like DIY tutorials and design inspiration (interested in how your work and your major influences your style). Also, most blogs don’t capture their boys often, so I enjoy seeing PB whenever he comes up– he’s stylish!

  12. i like it the way it is!
    i think just posting stuff about ur life in general (since u mix it with fashion – diy – food etc) is AWESOME =)

  13. I agree, I enjoy the snippets of your life in the blog..it jazzezz things up a bit.and the food posts..*dripple dripple* basically keep doing what your doing..or whatever you feel like really!
    = D

  14. I think you write about a whole variety of stuff, be it fashion, life and ranting, it’s what making me come back to read it. I agree with the other cms that there are way too many purely fashion and inspiration orientated blogs. It’s nice to see something different and real! It’s your own piece of cyber space, so I say make it whatever you want and uniquely yours. You’re doing well thus far. Love the fashion an your thoughts also. And actually I find your thoughts about work quite interesting too ^^ well done.

  15. talk about everything, and feel free to post everything you like.
    I love your blog.

  16. NO! don’t you dare stop blabbing about your everyday life on here. in addition to the great outfits and majorly awesome DIY it’s what keeps me coming back many times a week to see if you’ve updated.

  17. Your gifs are so cute!!!!

  18. I love alll your pictures and all the time you stuff you write on your blog! Haha, I’d say stick with it :D And I reallly like the color of your nails! Anddd GOSSIP GIRL! AHHHHHHHH. She looks so intense there dangg.

  19. Really cool pictures, loving the effects. I also like reading your stuff, so continue to blog about whatever you want!

  20. that is a super smart effect, you can use vaseline – if the camera isn’t expensive hhahaha, like the holga or something.

    love all the photos, and the gif is the coolest one yet. love love love it so much haha xx

  21. oh thanks for the heads up on the hair length thing… THAT IS A LONG TIME! (but ear length -go again! go again! =)

    i really like your blog as it incorprates daily life (coz i’m stalkerish – jokes), fashion (amazing style btw, it’s not like try hard, or super super indie, it’s very your own and you work it well, every single bloody posts… and makes me feel bad. slightly envious…) your designs are super wow omg! and i love the gifs, they’re so much fun and just adds to every entry. i dont think there’s been one entry where i’ve gone, “oh that was boring” – your blog (and sha’s) are like the perfect blog for lifestyle/fashion/food.

    okay i should stop gushing or else you’re going to vomit.

  22. oh denise, you are a funny girl with hot pitchurs:) wow loving the drumstick GIF too!

    xx raez

    I don’t know why but I occasionally have this huge craving for dairy farm…another integral part of every hk kid’s childhood along with vitasoy and those square jello things.
    I read the lane crawford thing and I just died too. You lucky girl!


  24. Leighton & ed looks so hot in that editorial :D

  25. Blured pictures of a fashionable girl, messy beds, cute boys, gossip girl and ice cream.. um could I have asked for a better post? I love it all!

  26. lol b.t.w u did a GREAT job on those shorts! And hes right i havent seen him in a loooong time on ur blog. lol keep up with the great work!

  27. duhhh i didnt explain myself. ok…
    LOVE- the random photos
    LOVE- the outfits & fashion taste level
    LOVE- the bullets idea
    LOVE- pictures or foods

    its funny cause when u were in new york when u were baking & stuff i felt like u were totally in ur zone with the posts. GRANTED ur new design gives the site a different feel but if u could retrace ur posts back to the days u & PB would walk thru Soho & have mini adventures u had this fun energy bout u that i dont get anymore while ur in HK.

    hope this helps

  28. OMG D, as much as that effect looks great, it’s not good for your camera! It should also be listed in the manual, that when the lens mists insdie the camera it can form water droplets, and if that comes in touch with the electric bits inside the camera it can kill it. So careful!!

    Always loving the random photos btw, and my opinion on your direction of blog is to keep doing lifestyle/event blogging with fashion, because every other fashion blogger will do magazine clippings and catwalk pictures and all those boring model shots. Your blog has way more content and depth than that <3

  29. Ahhhha congrats on getting contacted by Lane Crawford!! XDDD i would’ve totally lost it too.

    Heh you and your boy are too cute! Is he staying in HK now or something? So nice of him to go over to be with you for so long!

    Anyway I totally agree with what a lot of the other bloggers have said! That you’re doing a great job with your blog XD it’s super duper interesting and really one of my fav blogs too haha cos you’re so naturally effusive and open about your life… love the outfit shots and all that you share with everyone about the goings-on in your life! keep at it, girl!

  30. what the heck, you’ve been updating?? how come i’m not getting in my reader? boo! anyways, i dig your triangle bullet points! and what happened with lane crawford???

  31. Haha I really like the last picture, it made me laugh. I love your outfit pictures, so I would love to see more of those. But don’t change too many things, I like your blog how it is!

  32. that blurry picture effect reminds me of when my glasses get foggy when i go outside lol :]
    i love your blog the way you’ve always been doing it :D

  33. the last pic is so cool…love the dress.

    xx cody

  34. I love your outfit, the short, the braclet, everything. SO HOT!

  35. Hi there! thanks for the comment on my blog! haha!

    yeah, everyone has that dress/shirt from H&M. it’s pretty awesome!
    as for the gorilla t-shirt…i just checked on my ebay,..and i did get it from the vintage guy. i made an offer for 14.89 and he accepted it. I wanted the shirt to be a bit bigger…so i bought the Large…so the fit that u see on my photos are a large. hope it works out for you too! i love CKane, but his stuff are too expensive…so i always buy/make stuff that are similiar to his!

    and awesome you’re from hong kong tooo?! : ) do u go back at lot? hope to stay in touch!

  36. I can’t wait for GG either! Yay.

    I really like the way your blog is now. I like blogs that are outfit/inspiration driven but it’s always more interesting when people write about day-to-day activities too…which you’re brilliant at!

  37. oh man, that used to happen to my glasses everyday when i lived in HK. ugh, bad memories..

  38. I love that first photograph of you. and WOWWWWWWWWWWWW at the Leighton pic. she is drop dead gorgeous!

  39. yesss i am in HK too :) just a holiday until term starts at the end of this month. heh i love the condensation camera tips, very clever indeeed. i am so jealous of your hair!! i had a crazy moment at the hairdressers the last time i was here and was like CUT IT ALL OFF and she was bouncing behind me clapping her hands in glee and going “yehhhhhs!!! veh gud veh gud” in an overly-excited asian hairdresser sort of way. and now i am still growing it out. HAHA. awww your boy looks so happy about his blog debut :) i had my guy over here for about 10 days recently, trying to indoctrinate him into the HK work ethic so that he can be the earner in the future. read your post about getting work experience in HK and i fully agree – i just did a month and was ALWAYS falling asleep by about 3pm. i actually felt like i was going crazy in my little office (akin to will ferrell: I’M TRAPPED IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTIOOONNNNN). i think i’m blabbing on a bit now. i’ll end here!

    PS. i will be hitting H&M tomorrow afternoon after lunch with a 20% discount on the most expensive item you buy voucher plus a spare one. if you happen to be around there in need of a discount then feel free to accost me for it. unless you’re not keen on real-life blogger meetings then feel free to ignore this! :)

  40. oh piss. i use a lot of smiley faces. that is NOT COOL. will be more aware of that now, hahaha.

  41. Those pictures are so cool! I’m totally going to have to try that effect..today even~
    (thanks for the comment on my chips! ^^ )

  42. I really love your choice in jewelry. I think your blog is perfect the way it is. It’s my first time reading it and I absolutely love the content. More random photos would be awesome if you’re thinking about it. Definitely adding you to my blogroll! x

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