DIY Hanes tshirt, Helmut Lang denim jacket, AA leggings, DIY faux wingtips, Costume National bag

Back view

My hand isn’t really that flat and paddle-like.
Top ring: F21, Bottom ring: Vintage DKNY
Nails: LA FLARE light coral

A mix of bracelets from India, black H&M ones and some others from a guy in SoHo

Whatcha lookin’ at over thurr baby!?!?!?!

So the weather was being amazing on Sunday, which was so fortunate for us because it was our 18 month anniversary! We decided to have a mega mega chill day and just walk around..which is pretty much what we do all the time but this time with 100 times more chill-ness. Also, before leaving the house and stressing out with my outfit, I impulsively DIY-ed this old Hanes tshirt I had. I was inspired by Rumi‘s top she DIY-ed herself: short in the front long in the back, just like the mullets we all love.

So our day consisted of walking from my apartment, through SoHo, towards West Village, and across 14th street and ended at Union Square, which is pretty much where we always are anyways.

Stopped by the Mulberry store where I held my future baby in my hands for the first time. The leather was buttery soft and felt like I was running my hands over some heavenly leather. Coudln’t take any pics in the store so this exterior reflective shot will have to do until I actually own that baby and can hold it and hug it and photograph it all I want…hopefully one day..

Corner Bistro!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty colours


During our West Village travels, we stopped by New York Hotdog and Coffee for some..hot dogs and omgggggg heaven in my mouth. The store is run by Koreans and so their specialty hotdogs were Bulgogi hotdogs or Kimchi hotdogs or even Bulgogi AND Kimchi hotdogs!!! Seriously one MUST try this at least once in their life..just the first bite will get you hooked. The store is a little out of our usual radius but we are DEFINITEY going back to shove 10 billion bulgogi hotdogs in our mouths!!

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