Imagine this: it’s July, it’s about 30+ degrees celsius outside, I’m wearing a tshirt AND a lined plisse coat, I foolishly thought I’d just jump from home to a cab and into a restaurant but nooooOoooOOoOoOO I get off the cab, the restaurant is closed and the next possible eating location is a nice walking distance away, too far for being in a jacket and 30+ degrees but too close for getting another cab. So here I am, walking about 15-20 minutes in 30+ heat in a JACKET and probably extremely hungry at that point too. But yknow what they say, do it for the outfit! Do they say that? I dunno..but if you think it looks good, then you just gotta soldier it out in the heat! I was looking for an easy loosey goosey long jacket and happily found this one from Topshop: an easy throw on lightweight coat (but still a coat nonetheless) back when we were in London. I’m sure everyone is familiar with my “I HATE THE HEAT” rant but it’s so strong to the point where I WILL wear a jacket in the middle of summer just to protest the heat and cos yknow, life’s a challenge! I imagine the mindset of “do it for the outfit” is along the same lines as that meme where not enough people have seen your bomb-ass outfit so you stay out extra long just to get more views (also applies to when you have perfect make up on).

One thing I do kind of love about slightly warmer weather is getting some nice outdoor time on our balcony! We had an impromptu dinner picnic a while back, ordering in from my favourite healthy food spot Hunter Gatherer. It was just so nice and it’s Sumo’s favourite spot in the whole house as well. Our routine every morning is wake up, head out to the balcony, Sumo will give himself some self-back-rubs whilst I tend to all my plants and then lately, we quickly rush back in cos this 35 degree heat is NO JOKE. Super looking forward to cooler Autumn nights and more last minute candle lit balcony dinners!

If you haven’t yet looked through #stuffonsumo, then please do so RIGHT NOW.

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