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KAWS Passing Through

Skipped out on Khaki Brun cos it was too poo-ey for me. A bit disappointed that Khaki Rose is so similar to Particuliere.

Taken on the weekend of that week of working late…and it definitely shows. Check out my eye-suitcases.

DIY chain bracelet, F21 rhinestone bracelet, Casio watch and H&M ring.


Style.com X Givenchy Anniversary tee

YSL Rouge Pur Couture #16 Rouge Roxane

@Monki store

Lace Monki dress that I didn’t get


Going for lunch with PB now and then off to watch Due Date! Bye!


  1. hahaha eye-suitcases!

  2. yeey an update!! haha the dog is so so so cute and you look fresh despite your eye-suitcases :D :D

  3. Wow uh, is that their changing room? because that’s superwowomggg.
    Are your eye-suitcases LV, because if not, you’re not COOL. You seriously have the coolest sense of accessorizing D, and the best jewellery collection…

  4. awwww too cute!!! hope you’re still not working late =/

  5. I lurrrve the Givenchy t-shirt! Mine finally came in the mail, actually. It was still very sketchy… Oh well. Anyway, I also like the lace dress! Why didn’t you get it? Hope you had a good weekend :)

  6. Oh Monki! I totally need to visit the next time I’m in HK!!!

  7. me likey your givenchy x style x shirt. shame it’s sold out now. i didn’t buy it when you gave me the link last time mehh.

    i only got khaki vert because well the other two were sold out in like minutes (how odd right..) but then i managed to see khaki brun and khaki rose IRL in another store and i was like so disappointed. khaki vert, however, made up for it :D is a unique sophisticated shade of gunge-y green :)

    i don’t understand what KAWS Passing Through is btw.

  8. WHY YOU NO BUY THE MONKI DRESS!! it’s sooo pretty. i saw it on the site but it didnt look that nice. i’m still waiting for my dress though :( I HOPE HOPE HOPE IT DIDNT GET LOST IN THE MAIL oh please no.
    ANYWAY, i got khaki vert as well! it was the only one they had left..strange since it’s the nicest.

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