I’m extremely busy with school work right now. I know I constantly complain about my workload but seriously, you have no idea. Senior Year + Art School = Death.

Anyhow, within the past few months or so I’ve started becoming obsessed with eyebrows. Out of all my friends I’m the only one who has yet to have her eyebrows plucked/shaped. I’m a total eyebrow virgin at 22. The thing is, I’m scared to go and get it done because I hate thin eyebrows and I’m scared the eyebrow lady will go over board and leave me with one of these:


They look like they’re drawn on with a sharpie or something. Not cool. I am a huge fan of thick dense bushy eyebrows. Mine are not too dense or sparse they’re pretty average except that they’re kinda wide and sha says they’re thicker on the outter edges than on the inside (center of my face). Here are some eyebrows I love:





Okay so maybe they’re not all like thick in terms of WIDTH but they surely are DENSE.
Does anyone happen to know of any miracle eyebrow thickening magic?


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