Forever 21 tee, Topshop jeans, Moschino leather vest, DIY studded Converse

Someone requested a close-up of the safety pin necklace I made. It’s twisted but you getz the ideaz.

H&M studded bracelet, Bottega Veneta braided bracelet, Casio watch

If you’ve been following my twitter, you’ll know that I recently acquired a vintage Moschino leather vest from my mama. It’s something I dismissed last year when she tried to make me take it but this time I snatched it up real quick! I have this fear of feeling too “boy-like” when I dress and it’s seriously one of my biggest fears to be mistaken as a boy (don’t ask) and I don’t really know why but sometimes vests make me feel boy-ish. Okay nvm I’m just blabbing again.

The lining of the vest.

Such cute zipper pulls on the boob pockets!

M for Momo!

The other day I went out with my friends to my favourite sushi place Sen-Ryo. Tornado sushi isn’t too popular in America but they are eeeeeeeervrywhere in HK.

“Teem Ha” Sashimi (Sweet Shrimp Sashimi) my absolute favourite along with Salmon Sashimi

Shrimp heads!

More shrimp heads!

Julie’s soy-sauce dish….75% wasabi, 25% soysauce…

A little taste…

aaaaaaaand it HITS!

then the tears come!

I forget how many plates we ate but our record is still 22 plates between just me and Momo!

It’s SOOO hot in HK and people give out these fans with ads on them on the street. Such an awesome idea!!! I’d been wanting one for ages and found the best one ever! It’s for some restaurant review site called Word of Mouth and the fan shape is a mouuuuuth!! Soooooo gewwwwwwd.

It’s so hot!! Let’s fan!!!!!!!!

I’ve forgotten to post the second half of my answers to those questions from a million years ago so here you go! I’m sorry if you’re not interested and now have to scroll through all this big blob of text!

jade: what would you say is the most amazing thing about new york when you were studying there?
I definitely just loved being in the city. People watching and shopping are way way up there on the list too and the fewwwwd was sewwwww gewwwwd.

jamie: what is the one outfit you can never go wrong with?
If I’m ever braindead or extremely late I’ll either throw on my bandage skirt with an oversize tee tucked into it or my denim shorts with an oversize button shirt.

venice: what are the five most important pieces in your wardrobe?
1. Bandage skirt 2. denim shorts 3. drainpipe skinnies 4. white oversize tee 5. oxford shirt

SOMETHING PICASSO: If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life what would it be and why? You don’t have to actually own it, btw.
That would definitely be a gold necklace that has two rings on it: my mother’s wedding ring, and a ring between me and my bestfriend.

winnie: Where is your favourite place to shop in HK??
a.mi: where do you mainly shop in hk? shopping centers? do you know of any really cute boutiques?
If I could afford it, I’d live in Lane Crawford. I mean they have everything: clothes, shoes, furniture, skincare and makeup. And in terms of distracts, I love Causeway Bay for all the little stores and boutiques (and yeh duh, there’s a Lane Crawford there too, hehe). Some local boutiques in HK that are really good are Giordano concepts, PedderRed, some stores on Granville road and most of the stores in Beverly Center (Causeway Bay). In terms of shopping centers, I’m usually in IFC Mall or Harbour City.

macy: Hotdogs. With mustard or ketchup? Or both?
I only eat hotdogs if they’re made of BEEF which is kinda rare for me but DEFINITELY ketchup. I OVERLOAD on ketchup when it comes to fries. Me and my friend KHOX can finish like half a bottle of Heinz in one sitting, no joke.

sindY: what kind of camera lenses do you use? and how was the shortest you’ve ever had your hair? lol
I use the default 18-55mm Nikkor lens that came with the Nikon D50 but I am actually shopping around for a new lens for when I get paid!
All through kindergarten and primary school my hair was ear length or just above my shoulder then once I became a teenager it ranged from shoulder to just-above-bewbs. Randomly one day in 2006 I decided to chop my hair again and it became ear length again. It’s taken me SO LONG to grow my hair back and now it’s SUPER long (like almost butt crack long) and I never want to cut it ever ever ever ever ever ever again.

mariacriselda: After living in New York, would you say your style is more western influenced now? And between both cities, what store is your utmost favorite?
Well I don’t think Hong Kong has its own style (unless you include LOCAL-style..but nvm) so I guess I’ve always been dressing sort of “Western”-worldy since I was younger. I think my style has “grown up” a lot after living in NY, not necessarily Western-influenced just different I suppose. My most favourite store between both cities would definitely be Lane Crawford (Hong Kong), that’s only if I was swimming in money.

sofie: Do you have any other favourite colours?
well I do tend to wear black alot, but my brightest favourite colour is probably coral/peach.

romana: How many handbags do you own or have collected so far?
All handbags in the house are shared among me, nanz and my mom so I don’t really have a collection. Most of the bags are bought by my mom so really they’re all hers and she lets us use any one we want except her Birkies.

michelle: just wondering what program you use for the animated gifs?
I use Adobe Photoshop (animation palette).

cindy: are you currently in ny? what building are you in front of in the first set of pictures?
I’m not in NY anymore, I’m back in Hong Kong now. In the first set of pictures I’m in front of IFC shopping mall by Exchange Square, which is in Central, Hong Kong (referring to this post).

alicia thomsen:what people is your style influenced by?
carlyjcais: who or what are your style influences? I’d love to see what inspires you.
I love the Olsens, Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny and lately, I’ve been falling for Sienna Miller quite a lot. I also really love Jessica Stam’s personal style and SOMETIMES Lily Allen can do something pretty good.

chi huor: What kind of dim sums do you prefer? Which one is your favourite one?
Haha love this question. I am allll about ha-gao (shrimp dumpling) and ha-cheung (shrimp..roll?). I can literally just eat 5 dishes of each and I’d be satisfied.

mikee: ! when did you start doing DIYs?
When I was younger I used to make tons of friendship bracelets and these bead and wire pieces for my mom (which she still has) but ACTUAL pieces that I wear now I first started to make maybe about 2 years ago.

prescott: what shows did you watch as a kid? And have you ever watched Meteor Garden? My chinese teacher in highschool loved it and we’d watch it on free days… *sighs wistfully*
haha I don’t think I’ve watched Meteor Garden..but maybe if I saw it I would recognize it. I used to watch the typical shows like Sailormoon, Boy Meets World, Full House and the Crystal Maze. Mostly English programs since my Chinese/Cantonese is super crappy, even today.

gloria: what’s your favourite thing about HK?
My family, my friends, my dogs, the food, the AIRCON, the MTR and the shopping malls.

keosun: what kind of books do your prefer reading in your leisure time? Or don’t you enjoy literature at all?
I’ve read all the Harry Potter books more than once and I used to read a lot of Asian-themed books like Ha Jin’s Waiting, Cinderella Story, Shanghai Baby but then now I’m not really picky. I’m currently reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and it’s seriosuly amazing. I’m almost half-way done and I’ve been reading for less than a week and the book is pretty dang thiiii-ick.
(Edit: Finished the book already and i LOVED it. I’m probably going t oread it all over again in a few weeks when I get bored.)

leandera: As a teenager, I have went through many style changes, for good and for bad. So i’d like to ask you, what was your style like through your teenage years and how has it shaped how you dress today and is there anything you liked/disliked then that you adore/can’t understand how you liked it now?
OMG (please refer back to the orange nylon pants story up on previous questions post) but yeah there are so many things I regret but I guess that’s all part of growing up. I went through a major surfing phase like wearing boardshorts, all Roxy/Quiksilver/Billabong type stuff and I went through a baggy jeans phase like with timbs and what not (yeh, frealz). I always thought I was special cos I would wear stuff that my parents or sister brought back for me from America so no one else in HK had it. I think it did shape the way I dress today because perhaps if I never went through those phases I wouldn’t dress the way I do now.

jenjen: So random question for you is: What is you all time favourite (hk) drink?
My all-time favourite HK drink would have to be Hi-C Lemon Tea and/or Vita Chrysanthemum Tea and DEFINITELY Ribena. That’s not really a HK drink but you can’t really get it in America.

cindy: Since I will be flying to HK in a few months time….which is your favourite restaurant/cafe that you would recommend in HK?
Crystal Jade (Fei Chui) La Mien, Sen-Ryo Sushi, Ippei-An ramen, IFC Palace Cafe and Shangri-La Cafe Two.

killyrbf: And, what’re you doing with your Nikes now that you’re no longer a “sneakerhead”?
Haha awesome question. Well I’m super sentimental and hate giving things away and although I’ve cut down a lot, I have most of them stashed in our shoe cupboard on the top shelf (neatly in their correct boxes of course and categorized in piles like Jordans, Air Maxes, Super rares et others)

lau-ra: i wonder how you make the gif pictures??
I use Adobe Photoshop (animation palette).

tis-serendipity: What’s the one thing you would like to accomplish before you reach 30? =)
Oh good question. Well I’m really family-orientated so hopefully I’ll be married by then and in terms of my career, I hope to either have my own design studio or be a successful freelancer.

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