(Hi Sam!)


I’m back from New York! It was really fun, great weather (minus a few rainy days), fun with my sisters giant dog, fun upstate with my BF’s family and actually a reasonable amount of sane shopping done! Will post once I’ve sorted out my life back into order but for now, here’s a filler post with that picture I promised (did I?) of Mr. Dries Van Noten and Miss. Denise Lai :D from the JOYCE event a couple of weeks ago!

And sooooo, the winner of the Anastasia Eyebrow Kit is…..

!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I’ll be emailing you with a request for your address etc! Thanks everyone for participating and I wish everyone could have bushy thick caterpillar eyebrows like me toooo!

New post coming soon!


  1. Where in upstate NY did u go? im from upstate NY…

  2. Lol sorry I crashed all your photos with Dries… where did you get them by the way?? I checked their facebook but none of them are up!

  3. oh..wow, im originally from Wesley Hills….which is the next town over….but now in NYC….small world!

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