Outfit 1: Uniqlo heattech thermal, Mongolian lamb fur vest, Uniqlo black jeans, Nike free inneva woven sneakers and Rabeanco bag.
Outfit 2: Nike sportswear crewneck, Zara leather jacket, Uniqlo black jeans, Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny moto boots (similar) and Waiting for the Sun sunglasses from L’Exception.

The last batch of photos from our little group trip to Beijing, in participation with CNNGo (now called CNN Travel) and Hilton Hotels. Crazy missing the fun hutongs filled with cute little stores filled with equally cute random and definitely useless items like FUCK YOU pouches and Piggy bank CATS dressed up in communist outfits (the best). Definitely don’t miss that burning feeling of eating the spiciest local Beijing food but the peking duck at Chyna restaurant at Hilton Beijing Wangfujing is dreamworthy. Discovering cute little derelict corners with my travel buddy Jason and our sidekick JJ and visiting the amazing amazing curated shop Wuhao/五口, thanks to the recommendations by cool Beijing friends Vanessa and Vince (VICE) over a delicious dinner at Middle 8th Restaurant/中8楼 in Sanlitun.

Also experiencing the Great Wall for the first time. I’m definitely someone who doesn’t really give a shit about sightseeing or going to visit monumental monuments but I’ll participate in what I have to do at least once in my life. Like when my family took a trip to Paris and my mom had to draaaag me to the Eiffel Tower and I cried cos I’m so afraid of heights. The Great Wall was kinda like that, haha not. This time I was armed with my two Brew&Post boys so I was all ready to conquer the Great Wall, and after about 20 mins, all 3 of us we’re ready to go back down and eat instead haha (#whatsnew). We next stopped by at COMMUNE by the Great Wall which is a hotel with a series of mini houses designed by world famous architects that you can rent out for your stay. The light was amazing that day and the area was seriously breathtaking. If you have time, I recommend you stop by COMMUNE and take a tour of some of the design houses and even grab lunch at the yummy restaurant!

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Loved the small lanes at the hutongs

Insane crazy

Constant music video worthy natural hair machine up on the Great Wall.

JJ did not make any friends there

Jason never not working ): even on the insane Great Wall!


Amazing amazing scenery at COMMUNE

Till next time China!

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