BDG Jeans, DIY tshirt, See by Chloe bag, Frye Engineer boots, random jewelry

The other day I had this retarded interview/photoshoot with hk’s Next Magazine, which is sort of the equivalent of maybe USWeekly or some other gossip magazine of similar quality. They had arranged an interview to ask me more about my design/product work and had set up a stupid sort-of-not-really photoshoot where I had to do these absolutely ridiculous poses..not exactly poses more just like how the photographer wanted me to stand or sit. TYPICAL local hong kong retardedness and the whole time I kept thinking “omgomgomg this is the lamest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” We’ll see how it turns out.

edit: Sorry i forgot to clarify that it was for like an interview for the magazine..not a job interview :D

After that I met up with Julie and Mark for some Japanese dinner at Watami. The menu style is similar to that of Oh! Taisho in NY but definitely no way near as good in terms of food and taste. Man I miss Taisho so much ):

Grilled Squid

Grilled Mackeral (before)

Grilled Mackeral carcass (after)

Today my mom took us out to Spasso (Ocean Center, 4th floor) for a celebratory lunch. The place was really cute and open and the food was pretty good. We each had the appetizer buffet then ordered 3 main courses to share amongst us.

Chloe Edith

My plate of appetizers. A little salad, roast beef, raw beef rapped in ricotta cheese, mushrooms, grilled bell peppers, falafels, shrimp and some awesome parmesan reggiano cheese.

Mushroom ravioli

Margarita pizza

Our cute little dessert, mini chocolate and pistachio ice cream cones


My baby paddle pool on my roof :D

Me and Julie after our baby pool session. Don’t you love my ridonkulous face haha

Chinese dessert “sao bao” – served at the end of a birthday celebration and am meant to look like a peach which is a symbol of longevity. The steamed buns are filled with lotus seed paste and are super yummy and super fattening haha.

And lastly I’d like to introduce you to my brother, the idiot:

And no people he’s not really retarded, he’s just being the typical male 25 year old.

14 days

p.s. some of my outfits/outfit pics are majorly slacking lately. i need momo to help me ):

  1. Did you get the job? What position did you apply for? ahh that is such a cool job!

    looks like you’re having such an awesome time in HK. I’m going to beijing in 2 weeks, so i can’t waiiit!

  2. love your boots your brother’s cute :D

  3. randomly chanced upon your blog..
    i enjoy your ny and hk pics!

  4. Love your pics :)
    what kind of camera do you use?

  5. haha. i always love your moving pics:) and super cute outfit too, that tee is perfect!

    xx raez

  6. ohh hkis, i’ve met a lot of nico’s friends that went there. does your sister live here?

  7. waaait, jeanette! the only jeanette i know! she lives in am’dam (right?), not ny duh chico. small worldd. r

  8. denise hows HK? i definitely want to visit some day. maybe when i visit korea and japan next time i’ll go to HK and hang with you!
    the dessert looks super duper delicious and the squid… oh my.. i remember my grandma and mom were eating live squid………….ahahah i thought it was the scariest weirdest thing but with sesame oil on it, it wasn’t bad at all! lol
    aimeeways, i guess i’ll c ur blog when i’m back in the states.
    have fun in HK!

  9. yayyy another HK post :D. all your foods look soo delicious. and that gif of your brother creepin is so funnyy.

    also, just a question – in your opinion, do u think it’s hard to make a living in HK if you’re not super fluent in Cantonese and can’t read/write Chinese?

  10. I love your top!
    Those mini ice cream cones look yummy :)

    I love the photos of you and your friend they made me smile haha
    And your brother’s quite funny :)

  11. sounds like an amazing day! love those ice cream cones.

    and i was surprised by alexa’s husky voice as well. but it made me love her even more!

  12. Sao bao looks yum yum! I love how it looks like a little baby’s butt, too! :) Hope the pics+interview come out good, I wanna see!

  13. You’re so pretty! I love your shirt and your bag. And heh heh, the animated gifs are funny, and your brother looks fun! (if a litttttle bit challenged :P)

  14. Mmmmmm fooooood. I alwayssss love your gifs! SO funny. And that last photo….HAHAHA, I lol’d like an idiot :p

  15. ahh the food looks so good! nomnomnom!
    long beautiful hair! it reminds me of a mermaid :]!
    haha maybe the pictures turned out good :/

  16. oohhh I love your shredded shirt! and your gif with Julie is so cute!!=)


  17. This is all making me very hungry!
    Fun pics.

  18. Oh this post is full of interesting pictures! First of all, your shredded tee looks awesome and the food –> DELICIOUS!! Your brother looks very cute, by the way!! :))


  19. i’m lovin the DIY shirt.. and all these food photos are making me hungry

  20. aw shucks, denise. you makes me blussssh:):) and hello! i just noticed your animated pic of your brother, haha, he seems nice! XD

    xx raez

  21. mmmmfood

    hahaha Denise Lai revenge shall be sweet.

  22. Love your shredded shirt, great work!!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  23. OMG the food photos are making me so hungry :/

  24. Those mini ice creams look sooooooo yummy :-D

  25. HAHAHAH the photos of your brother are extremly funny!

  26. OMG, your tee! It’s so great! I want to do simething similar! And boots, I love them, I have the same by the way:D

  27. p.s. how do you make these crazy moving pics???In photoshop?…I tried to do something similar, but I failed:((
    Love them soooo much! You are so funny!:D And stylish:)

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