F21 floral dress, random tee, AA long cardigan, Frye Harness boots, Costume National bag

Index Top to Bottom: Random chain ring, F21 studded ring
Middle Top to Bottom: MxMJ spike ring, Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti heart ring


I’m BACK with another post! How speedy and efficient of me yes? Now that I’m totally done with school I have sooOooOoOOoo much free time..haha not trying to rub it in…more like I should be sad and frustrated since I am now poor and jobless ):

So on Thursday I finished my LAST SCIENCE FINAL and headed home to get some rest. Sha was being a lazy butt (as usual) so we didn’t head to lunch till like 2pm. We decided to hit up Spitzers where we shared the Gruyere Grilled Cheese Sandwich (way more orgasmic than it sounds) and a Hickory Short Rib burger. SEW GEWD. Seriously I think whenever a burger comes with a sunny-side up egg it just makes everything better. Our usual shopping excursion was delayed due to random sudden downpour but eventually we headed down to SoHo for the usual spots.


SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that my Ash shoes finally arrived!!!!!!! They’re just under 5 inches..like maybe 4.75″ with an almost 2″ platform. The slope isnt too bad..so hopefully they won’t be toooo painful. And they fit juuuust perfectly. Thank god cos I’m always wary of buying shoes online..I hate having to go to the post office to return online stuff. So mah fan! I’m going to be wearing these tomorrow on me and momo’s Sunday Brunch date to Brasserie 8 and a half :D We’ve never been there, but BRUNCH BUFFET just sounded too good not to miss.

okay it KINDA looks like my feet are spilling out at the back..but honestly they fit okay haha. so ugly.


mom And this is dedicated to my mom since it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, although she doesn’t even know my blog exists but oh wells! I think it’s best that she doesn’t know about this..lest she scold me like crazy for all the things she’ll discover that I’ve purchased. Anyways unfortunately we won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with her tomorrow as she’ll be in Hong Kong..BUT one day later and she’s flying over to NY to meet US!!!!!! So excited! Although….I better prepare myself for some SERIOUS nagging :D


Oh yeah and just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to be doing some housecleaning on the blog sidelines like over there <——- so let me know if you want me to add you to my links and hopefully you’ll do the same! Also, feel free to add me on Twitter or Tumblr!!!

  1. I must say those heels are TALL!! I think I would just about die in those in less than 30 min of walking in them! Props for being able to pull it off to you!
    Just found your blog through pigeon toed and just stopped by because I saw your name was Denise as well :)
    as for the post.. Egg on a burger is something i’ve never tried but sound interesting.. how is it?? I’m also loving the dress! It’s hard to find flowery dresses that don’t look like something you pulled out of your grandma’s closet!

  2. I LOVE THOSE PLATFORMS. i want to wear them and stomp on like miniature lego people+cities and pretend to be godzilla. (this is a veiled suggestion for photos for your next post ahaha)

    found your blog through some serious fashion blog-trawlin’ and would love to add you to my links of my little fledgling blog~

  3. add me?
    ive added u on mine
    and omg i was gonna go hong kong and china during june
    but now my friend who was going with me is paranoid….>< might have to cancel….

  4. The spike ring! The wedges! Brunch! Hey, so do you have any recommendations for shopping, eating and/or seeing for NY? I’m coming on Friday!!! Staying at some hotel in Times Square and have stuff to do during the day cuz I’m going for school, but we get done at 3/4pm, so I’ll still have time to do whatevers! Lmk, my email is urpleurple@gmail.com!

  5. omg the shoes are wunnerffulll!! i’ve been craving a pair of crazy platforms myself!! sigh. i shall have to wait till my exams are over :( add me? i added you way back ;)

  6. OMG those shoes are to die for!

  7. This dress is beautiful :) Cute outfit

  8. wooahh love those shoes! x

  9. I wish…I could wear heels regularly without feeling like…..a giant hahah :T

  10. Ahhhh those shoesies!! and also the floralness lately is wonderful :)
    Yes, watch virgin suicides. this was my first time too, and i think i actually liked it. I did read the book first, but the movie is a pretty close copy. i think i’ll need to watch it again though… !

  11. KILLER shoes!!!! how were they??

  12. Wow those shoes are really gorgeous, love them! & your blog is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.

    xx Birgit!

  13. Those shoes are really-wanna-have them, and that ring is really cool and pretty (just make sure you wont hit someone with it xD


  14. costume national bag! love!

    you’re awesome at mixing and matching high and low items. i would’ve never guessed that that dress was from f21. it all looks great together.

    and yes yes, would you like to swap linksies?

  15. Wait. Stop. There are too many fabulous things going on in this post.

    That dress, those shoes, THE FOOD.


  16. wow you look amazing. i really love the floral dress and im glad you paired it with the boots, looks perfect together. and OMG! those wedges are so PERFECT. is there a website that they are on??

  17. woah so jealous of everything here, especially that delicious looking egg sandwich thing! *drool*

  18. mmm i love gruyere!!! i used to make a lot of croque monsieurs! so good!
    and OMG i love those wedges!!! they are PERFECT!

  19. suuppaa shoes! I really want 5 in. platforms so I can be almost eye level with my bf and freak him out hehe I added you to my links :)

  20. I love this outfit! Brilliant! You have a amazing style! XOXO

  21. Your outfits are always so nice! I have that MJ ring too – snap! x Sushi

  22. thanks:) & well yeah I remade the floor before taking the picture so good..OK how lame that joke was:D
    hahaa love this crazy adhd post!


  23. I’m loving your style and blog! Those shoes are gorg!!

    xo, Becs

  24. I just read this and find it so funny you said so mah fan!! I dnt see it at all on fashion blogs and it totally strikes a chord with me because I’m from Singapore haha! (:

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