DIY shredded dress, tights, Urbie plimsols, Sha‘s DIY studded bag, random necklaces.

Excuse the LH (love handles)

Isn’t my ring so cute?? It’s a zebra from Kenneth Jay Lane.

Today was a flaming gorgeous day. RealFeel was 23-25 degrees Celsius, a little breezy yet sunny as heyll. I decided to debut my shredded dress, something that I had been working on for a while but too lazy to ever get it finished until a few days ago. I initially wanted to go without tights on but pb said that it was too slutty to reveal my wonderwear to the whole world. Hooowwww zlutty.

Before meeting up with my longtime buddy Kittie, I stopped by Jess‘ office to spread my cinnamon cookie love!! (pics later). So i met up with Kittie and took her down to Topshop. This was my first time going back after that gruesome first day and I still felt that rush of excitement as I walked through those big British doors. There was so much new stuff that they didn’t have on the first day and still toooo many people inside! I tried on that floral crop top and the ruffle denim skirt that I had blogged about previously, as well as a floral bustier and I found THE floral Topshop playsuit!!! I first saw it on Lulu, then on Alix and I knew I had to have it. It was one of the main pieces that I was trying to find on opening day but unfortunately I don’t think they had it in store back then. BUT lucky for me, I found it today on some siderack near the cashier on the 2nd floor and I believe it to be one of the LAST ONES because I scoured the entire store, all 3 women’s floors and I appeared to be holding the only one!! Lucky for me it was my size!!!!! I tried it on and was soooo happy that it fit!!!!

Okay now on to the pics :D

Stopped by a deli to pick up a beverage. Isn’t the stacking so perfect and colourful?

Jess with my homebaked cinnamon cookies!!

Spotted every hipster’s favourite photographer, Terry Richardson, wearing the same stupid thing he always wears.

Super intense mozarella sticks at Bari on Broadway!

Topshop pics!:

This is the amazing floral cropped top and the denim ruffle skirt I wanted. Seems like everyone wanted them too cos at least 5 out of 10 of everyone lining up at the changing rooms was holding either one of these items. Unfortunately I didn’t get either. The crop top was really nice but really big and a bit too boxy for me..maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that I don’t need it..and besides, no one wants to see my bulgar sticking out now do they! Also, the skirt was insanely cute and I would’ve gotten it if it was like, say, only $10 (i wish) but haha I limited myself to just one item and I knew I had to have the playsuit.

Also was dying for this floral bustier that actually fit really nicely around my waist..but the bewb part was weird. I’ve tried on several Topshop bustiers/corsets and they all seem to have a sort of loose bust area…and I mean my bewbs are not midget size so I should’ve been able to easily fill it out..but i dunno their sizing of the bewb area is just weird. However, the same top looks amazing on Alix again!

Oh and as I was lining up to pay, saw this ridonkulously funny bracelet. I think it was like the size of a miniature football (soccorball) NO JOKE it was huge.

Isn’t it lovely? The colour of the photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s like a light creamy/beige with pink flowers. I got the light colour unlike Lulu’s and Alix’s but I love it anyway. Oh and..heh..excuse my bulgarness..and.um..that bunch-up at the crotch.

What a zlutty pose aye? But check out the detailing of the origami like folds at the bewb area.


The other day I was really bored at home..or more like refusing to do any work..so I decided to bake up some cinnamon cookies!! Normally I’m not a very big fan of cinnamon, especially HATE cinnamon gum..but in cookies, it’s not so bad and plus, I think the yummy sugar lessens the cinnamon intensity. I’m really going on like a baking rage nowadays..and with 2 class parties coming up..there’s gonna be lots more baking fun to be had! I have a feeling that my future children are gonna be fat little pudgy babies with all the sugary baked heaven I’ll be stuffing them with.

Cinnamon Cookie Baking Tray FAIL! I didn’t know they would spread out so big ): Most of them ended up being baseball field shaped.

Yummy Yummy gum drops :D

Any requests/suggestions on what I should bake next? Pie? Cookies? Cake? CUPCAKE? Although I’d love to be able to send you a piece or a slice, I think the only things you’ll get is pictures of me eating them!!!

  1. hey, nice bewbz!
    let’s make salted caramel vanilla brownies.

  2. Your posts always have so many good things going on it that I want to comment on everything you talk about! Haha. Notable was the stringy cheese and Topshop. I really like that floral crop top, I think it would be too boxy for me, too, but so cute! And I love that skirt you tried on, I need more skirts!!

  3. fgah. i loved every single outfit on this, especially the floral top and bustier though. gahhhh what is this top shop people speak of, apparently it exists in singapore but why didnt i see it the last time i went?

    and yeah, you might want to double check that cheese. i think it’s melted rubber. haha Xx

  4. ohphilippa

    fantastically long post! love the zebra ring, and the creamy bustier playsuit thing looks so cute on you. the cookies look amazing too

  5. i thought everything u tried on looked amazing!
    as for what to bake…
    portugese egg tarts? like these



  6. that blue bustier with the denim skirt is perfect! i tried the same one on and my boobs were spilling out everywhere hahaha

    your cookies look super good!!!

    and i laughed when i read your caption for terry’s picture HAHAHAH…he comes off as such a douche bag but i am still a fan

  7. ay loving the zlutty pose heheheh and love the shredded and the studdedness. be careful when making choices in topshop :P just cuz its topshop doesn’t mean its good, yarh? still, the stuff you tried on really suit you well, sux that you didn’t get the bustier too! <3

  8. send me cookies kthxbye

  9. i looove what you did to your bag. cute studding. i also adore the floral crop top!! soooo cute!

  10. love love love the DIY shredded dress!

  11. Ahh, no way! I didn’t know alexa chung did the drawings. That makes it even more coooool because I am in looooovve with her. haa. Anyhow I’m really glad you got the romper. It’s adorable!

  12. DUDE thanks but it’s okay !! that’s a bit too much. :(
    i’m a 38 but PLEASE don’t go to topshop just to check hahah. if you ever pass by out of your own will, please check for meh! hehehhe. do they run true to size?
    OH and do you ever use your student discount??? i remember when i lived back in london, i showed them my student ID and got 10% off my purchases each time. idk if they have the same policy in the US but try!!!
    i can’t believe they were still in the window
    maybe i’ll settle for a 39 HAHAH…desperate!

  13. ahhhhhh! i LOVELOVELOVE that zebra ring and i adore each and every one of your topshop finds. damn living in the middle of the USA where there is no topshop for miles upon miles.


  14. i don’t think that topshop bustier looks weird at all. i heart it, and the romper of coursE!

  15. Ahaha you have such nice euphemisms…. took me awhile to realize what bewb was!! xp

    ok those mozarella sticks are insane?!! haha that expression your boy gave was priceless!!

    gosh topshop is incredible I always wanna buy almost every single item i see there. that floral cropped top is great! but i applaud you for your self control with your purse. ;p not sure if i would’ve been able to do that. Those origami-ish folds are really interesting!

    sigh feeling hungry again cos of your cookies. BAH.

  16. ahhh that ring is SOOOSOoSO sick. love it ! and i’m so jealous of top shop in new york.. must make a visit soon!!!

  17. you look fab – i love the shredded tee. i might make one for my boyfriend. haha

  18. hahaha awesome shredded tee. haven’t acquired the skillz to do such a thing yet. god bless topshop and the fact that i’m in london and only one km away from one ;p

  19. how about YOUuuuu come over to London I’ll lend you my oven and brush your hair while you make the cookays! (Nooot the racetrack :P just a service stop diner for motorcyclists dude)

  20. I love your shirt and your ring! And I especially love those cookiessss. They look soo good, I love cinnamon! Would you mind sharing the recipe with me? x)

  21. oh my! not to be pervy, but what kind of underwear are you wearing in outfit #1? tights are sheer and theres all the shredding on the back! *gasp*
    damn i wish there was a topshop on the westcoast.
    ahhh i love rompers but hate how its all big on the bottom and bunchy :[

  22. Yeahhh, my mom’s usually like that, too! There was probably something in her Starbucks that morning haha!
    But..it’s A. Wang! Couldn’t help myself x_x;;;
    AND yessss. I would love the recipe! My e-mail address is…(idk if I should be posting it on here, but then again, I doubt anyone would read it x) ) chr1st1neeee@hotmail.com YAY, thanks so much!

  23. Love the shredded DIY dress. Brilliant!

  24. ok.

    2) that pic of me… i look like a HOT MESS lol
    3) i’m going to topshop today because of your post. those items are AMAZING and i’m in need of a few more rompers =)

  25. Love your blog! Heaps of photos which is great!
    And Topshop is awesome

  26. I’ve seen this diy before, but never on the back part of a t-shirt. love the way it turned out <3

    great outfit.


  27. i just randomly stumbled upon your blog and have been sitting going through every page! then RANDOM! you know Jess! What a small world :)

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