AA raglan top and cardi, BDG jeans, DIY necklace

Middle Finger: F21, Index: F21 and Vintage DKNY
Nails: LA Flare Gray

So I’ve been really down lately..mostly cos the weather really effects my mood and it’s been HELLA crappy lately. Well like really up and down, wet and dry and I hate it. Although today when I left class at 6.45pm, it was surprisingly stil quite light out! Can’t wait for much longer daytimes and sun and a little more humidity!


All Topshop

So lately I’ve been obsessed with FLORALS again. Spring is really starting to take over my head. I’ve actually been looking for the nicest cutest Spring Floral dress for the longest time..and have still yet to find it, although I do have a really cute long maxi dress I got from Zara last summer for dirt cheap.

Just a few hours ago I clicked PURCHASE for those Floral Dr. Marten’s (bottom right of Topshop pic). I am SO excited but I really hate waiting for shipping -.- Maybe Floral DM’s are getting kinda old..since they came out a while ago but I still love them and can’t fking wait to receive my package. And btw, if you ARE thinking about getting them, Topshop is selling for about $150 but I got mine for $70 on Amazon (: Oh mans..DM’s just bring back so many memories from when I was a kid and of highschool. We had a uniform, so my school shoes were always Dr Marten’s Mary Janes. haha I’ll have to find a picture soon!

How cute is this? Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl always has great pictures.

I LOOOVEEEE this Floral Rhomper (bottom left of Topshop pics) that Lulu is wearing in this picture. She looks fking hardcore and awesome pairing it with huge wad of silver bracelets and sheer tights with her mega chunky Chloe wedges.

The other day at Urbie I saw this really cute scarf, but for $34 I was like Hellz to the Nawz. However, I totally forgot about the existence of these two scarves that I already have. They’re both stolen from my mom, the top one is Topshop and the bottom, more ethnic-like one is from Etro.

Laslty, this cute little dress is I HEART RONSON, Samantha Ronson’s collabo with JCPenny. I dunno how I feel about these highend/lowend collaborations…still a little mind boggling for some reason, but the cuteness of this dress is almost outdoing the weirdness of the brand. Should I?

Can you imagine an all out head to toe FLORAL outfit? It’ll be like Spring woke up from a major winter hangover and puked up on me. Ha..we’ll see (;

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