Nike tech longsleeve, Uniqlo DIY shredded jeans, Long bomber jacket from Aland Korea (similar here), Converse Rubberized Chuck Taylor, Givenchy Large Croc Pandora, Isabel Marant necklaces and Regal Rose septum ring.

There’s something about noses that superstitious Chinese people really believe in, something like your wealth is represented through the size and shape and overall positioning of your nose to the rest of your face. Ever since highschool, I’ve dabbled in piercings here and there (9 total at one point but now only 7 left) and had always wanted to pierce my nose so so so damn bad but alas, my Chinese 媽媽 (momzikinz) would rather disown me than see me with something shiny in my nose. Plus I have weird internal nose issues (small capillaries..hard to breathe..always blocked..many nosebleeds when I was younger, etc.) so that further deterred me from getting it pierced. Flash forward to 2015 where all of a sudden..septum piercings are everywhere! From Rihanna to Aimee Song to Tina Leung’s freshly pierced number, I think it’s safe to say the septum piercing in 2015 is what belly piercings with (fake) tattoos were in 1995, a.k.a. SUPER COOL!!!

So back to my own face (all about memememeeee), I couldn’t help it..I had to get in on this septum action but without the commitment! I saw these Regal Rose clip-on septum rings pop-up here and there and ended up getting two for myself! I’m loving that it brings a slightly edgy yet hippie dippy feel to a look but you have to be super careful and make sure you don’t drop it in your food accidentally (which I did upon trying to blow my nose while eating something super spicy) or drop it cos you forgot that it was there and you picked your nose wahahaha. My mom must be slowly changing her mind cos even she dared to try on my ring haha hilarious! I now have 3 rings in my septum collection including my latest addition, this AMAZING Moratorium angular septum ring! It’s going to be out soon online so I’ll share the link once it is! I just declared to Jason just yesterday actually that although I’m always wearing black and most likely something a bit sporty/techy like Nike techpack or a pair of sneakers..for some reason I have this thing for hippie dippy ethnic jewellery, like the Isabel Marant necklaces in this post or this fringy coin necklace I just picked up from Free People. I dunno, I just love it so much! Who’s with me on this one?

Jason is wearing Acne Studios sweatpants, random long tee, Uniqlo jacket and Converse Chuck Taylor Made in Japan.

Whilst in Hong Kong a few months ago, we stopped by the Joyce SS15 Presentation: mmmmm this Fausto Puglisi bleached denim jacket

Great Frank Sinatra theme!

This Celine tunic…(Tunic sounds so old lady but it’s really not!!!)

Charlie Brown!!


Is there really anything better in life than this?

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