Forever21 cropped shirt and jewellery

Last week was the GRAND opening of the Forever21 store in Causeway Bay! They finally finished renovating and opened up all the floors! We celebrated with an exclusive party at Volar which was filled with yummy little finger foods, free flow drinks, super fun photobooths, making crazy flipbooks and basically hanging out with some of my favourite people! Oh yah and the four Forever21 HK Bloggers (ChristingC, Melinda, Vnikali and I) filmed this little diddy for FashionOneAsia where, as usual I was super awkward and stumbled on all my words #whatsnew

Thanks to Daniel for all the pics (except the instagram ones)!

TOUGHLOVE support!

HK’s coolest DJ Eve.

Instagram pics (@SUPERWOWOMG): Photobooth fun with the B&P girls and Some Super Cool Dudes.

Photobooth pics! Love these and wish we took moremoremormore! And finally ending the night at the infamous Under the Crab Spicy Chill Bridge lalalalalala


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