Lace top from Korea, Zara pants, Converse x Missoni Auckland Racers and Alexander Wang Millie bag. Watch from Daniel Wellington, use code ‘SUPERWOWOMG’ for 15% off on their site (valid until Aug 20)!

Oh gosh let’s talk scooters (and later on food of course). We first got bicycles when the weather started warming up in Shanghai but a couple of weeks ago, we fully migrated into China territory and got ourselves a scooter! Seriously, I really believe that you haven’t settled into China until you get yourself a scooter. Of course at first I was deathly afraid of the battery-operated thangs, but now if you’re ever in Shanghai and see someone with now blonde hair (!!) zooming past you on a scooter called Batman then why, that would be ME! (Cue Jafar face). Jason uses it mostly during the week for going to work and stuff so I’m one of those silly weekend drivers! We don’t even know how long we’ll be staying in China so we both agreed that as long as we’re here, we need to do here what wouldn’t normally be so easy to do in any other country. Just always remember: SAFETY FIRST!

We’ve been having pretty eventful weekends lately! Last last weekend, we woke up nice and early, threw on my new favourite lace top from Korea (love the easy breezy peekaboo bra look), piled on my go-to watch and usual jewellery suspects then drove over to our go-to down-to-earth chill and super affordable brunch spot called HOMIES, which was opened by pro skate Jay Meador and his wife so as you would expect, really good food for a really great price in a chill-ass space with cool-ass people. We had our early morning breakfast to accomodate for our late lunch! The lovely Victoria Jin, blogger for ElleVictoire and EIC of Kneon Magazine, was in town visiting so we met up for a super yummy lunch at the new Fortune Cookie restaurant! More about the restaurant and food below:


Homies: 936 Changle Lu near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, Xuhui district
Fortune Cookie: 4th Floor, 83 Changshu Lu near Julu Lu, Jingan district

DUH Waffle GALORE. Got a serious WAFFLE OBSESSION right now!

Bye bye blue hair

So FORTUNE COOKIE! A new Chinese American place modeled after the typical what I like to call “Fake” Chinese restaurants in America. Yknow the typical orange chicken, sesame chicken, kung pow chicken, general tsao’s beef, etc. Our friends told us about this place and said me and Jason would love it to death for the NY/Chinese food vibe. We finally hit up the spot and were instantly in love. The food is SO tasty and so good and doesn’t have that greasy super-MSG-y feel like the typical Chinese restaurants in NY. One of the owner’s, Fung, modeled the menu after his family’s restaurant in Brooklyn NY (surprisingly by Pratt!) which has been a staple in the Brooklyn area for over 20 years now. They obviously must be doing something right cos the food at Fortune Cookie was seriously so good and affordable too! The Chinese/NY diner vibes of the place is really cool with hints like a golden lucky cut wearing a NY Yankees cap. This place is definitely newly high on our favourite restaurants list!

As free starters, real fried wonton wrappers to snack on!

Crab Rangoon, made with REAL Philadelphia cottage cheese. SO YUM.

Orange chicken yum yum yum

Dragon wings, SPICY GOODNESS.

Mixed veggies in dark garlic sauce. Surprisingly, this is one of my favourite dishes. Maybe cos we’re on a semi-veggie ride right now but the sauce is really tasty and doesn’t feel artificial or too oily.


  1. “A new Chinese American place modeled after the typical what I like to call “Fake” Chinese restaurants in America.” — I love how this sentence demonstrates globalization and the impact of immigration/diaspora/cultural exchange in one statement, which is pretty awesome (wow this sentence kinda makes no sense at all)

    !!!! I have always wanted to eat out of those Chinese take out boxes I keep seeing on TV but then when I went to NYC some time ago my mum’s friends told me they actually don’t know where to find it (!!!!) And I STILL haven’t been able to eat out of one since then :( so if you guys know where i could find one fo’sho i’ll need to hit it up next time in NYC!!!! :P

  2. the food looks beyond delicious! My mouth is watering as I type this!


  3. The food looks delicious. Love the glasses.

  4. ‘Look ma, no hands!’

    And your hair. I can’t. I am crying. I must take your portrait when you return. Please <3

  5. I don’t think there’s anything cooler than girls on bikes. And your new hair color rocks, btw.

  6. OMG YES TO A SCOOTER! I love mine and I wished there were more like-minded ladies out there. Also love that Jason lets you ride it. Cos I’ve heard one too many lame guys say dumb things like No to girlfriends riding. Hahaha.

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