H&M faux fur, COS cashmere sweater, Supreme beanie, Zara trousers and Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

Firstly, thanks so much for all the love and support regarding my previous post, new #ddtv episode and NEW youtube channel (subscribe, subscribe!!). So excited to share more with you guys in video format and will hopefully be posting some more youtube-exclusive content as well! As always, suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome! Let’s do this guys!!

Is this seriously the first time I’m posting up images with my dark hair? The over-bleaching and constantly breaking hair pushed me over the hairy edge and I finally decided to go back to dark hair. So back in October, I eased it in slow and steady by going with a black brown fade to grey ombré. All this is now completely invalid because of course being as fickle as I am with my hair, I’ve just gone back to jet black (like my soul) literally just last night and judging by my track record, you probably won’t see any new images of my hair on this here blog until hmm like 3 months later (lar lar lar).

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