Alexander Wang silk cut-out tee, Uniqlo jeans, Converse Chuck Taylors, Mona Mara OK Hand necklace from Boticca.com and Herschel, Happy Socks and Sunpocket from DSTRT.

Whilst in Hong Kong, I took a (very far) detour out to Wong Chuk Hang to say hihi to some friends at Social/Capital and DSTRT. Feeding SC with some yummy treats led to visiting the DSTRT showroom to check out some new Herschel bags, Happy happy socks and Sunpocket sunglasses. Representing cool brands like the aforementioned along with Baxter, Juju jelly sandals, Poler and the Impossible Project, let’s just say DSTRT has really good taste. I was excited to check out some of the new stuff and Herschel did not disappoint, especially with the big duffel since I’ll be traveling lots in the next few months, the size is perfect for short trips here and there. Also how cute are the giraffe/leopard print Happy Socks (below)? Like I said on my instagram, I don’t wear much color, but when I do, it’s gotta be on my feet.

Thanks to Fed, Heanney from SC and Jessi and Kevin from DSTRT.

The best reflective lens Sunpocket foldable sunglasses | Happy socks and shredded jeans = yay!

Also got the chance to check out the new WOAW stickers. WOAW is the new lifestyle concept store coming soon to Hong Kong that will be stocking exclusive and specially curated products from international brands as well as some limited collaborations. So excited to check out the new store at 11 Gough Street, opening soon!

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