giambattista valli wannabes

Merkovsky just pointed these out and thought I’d blog about them too since I’ve been dying for them since the day I saw them. So they’re total knockoffs of the Giambattista Valli’s but how amazing are they huh?

Mary-Kate seems to agree.

Should I get them? Only $22.80!!!!!! …and what color?

  1. hey love! thanks for the lovely comment. i’ve added you to my blog roll as well. visited your website and saw some of your work…you’re so talented! are you originally from hk? it’s nice to meet a fellow hk resident online! hahahahahahha

    looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

    forever 21 shoes hold up pretty well for me, despite what others say. i love these especially because the heel is SO HIGH…just like the real ones. i got the pink ones, but i think you could totally rock the green ones!


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