H&M Sweater and sweatpants, Espirt parka, Gap x Pierre Hardy shoes and Miu Miu bag.

Say Hi~~ to my little friend on the right there! Hii~~

Ralph Lauren blue oxford shirt, Topshop jeans, F21 parka, Vans authentics and Miu Miu bag.

Hello! I’m back! Honestly didn’t expect myself to be gone from my blog for that long (about two weeks, which is actually..normal) and I had honestly been meaning to blog for a while now just that……………..nvm no need any excuses. Wore the first outfit out for lunch with Julie and walking around with Nanz then finally ended the day with dinner and a movie with PB. Perfect day really, except for my outfit..which I threw together in literally 5 minutes (late for lunch with Jubs!) but it was honestly a sweatpants kinda day and thought I’d fashion it up a bit with my Gap x Pierre Hardy sandals which turned out to be a baddddd idea (out from noon to evening = no fun for feet).

The second outfit was just from today! Spent the whole day with PB where we went from Vietnamese lunch to H&M to Clash of the Titans to CPK and finally home to play Fabel 2!!!!! Pretty dang awesome day really. The necklace I’m wearing is actually 2 separate necklaces I made (a chain-y one and a fringe-y one) that I just looped together. You can find the fringe necklace DIY tutorial here on Ladylike.

So this is what I bought at Miu Miu!! I tweeted about it a few weeks ago and finally had the chance to post it up. There are at least 4 different ways you can hold the bag (strap-wise). Honestly, I think it’s a better investment than the Mulberry Alexa as it is much more durable (leather-lined) and Miu Miu has better re-sale value (not that I plan to resell it or anything). The hardware also seems much more sturdy/long-lasting and I can actually put it on my shoulder (hobo-bag style) unlike the Alexa (only elbow style or long-strap way). Anyway I love it velly velly velly much and so happy it’s my first big investment of my own :D

Got a new lipstick from Chanel Rouge Coco collection (no.76, Sari Doré) and Chanel nail polish in Particulière (taupe). You can see my new lip colour in those 2nd set of outfit photos :D Kinda coral-ly orange.

Picked up this ring at the jewellery fair that I went to a couple weeks back with my mom. No idea what kind of stone it is but I liked that it was semi-clear/see-through when you held it up to a light. (Also, dunno if you can tell but I’m wearing my new Chanel nail colour in these pics),

My new F21 sunglasses “inspired by” Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow’s sunglasses! I LOVE these, haven’t had the chance to wear them out yet but hoping to sometime soon :D Thanksssssss Lynn for helping me get these from F21 in Singapore

Spotted these pretty awesome boot things from Venilla Suite (I dunno either, don’t ask me). I love how they’re kind of A.Wang creeper boots-ish mixed with the pointy Underground buckle boots. Not sure how much they were and I don’t think I’d be able to rock them but they’re hot nonetheless.

And now, for my gifbombing:

My new H&M sunglasses that I randomly and very very impulsively bought.

And finally, Obi saying “Noooo” to going back to work on Wednesday!

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