H&M holey sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Tube-2 ankle boots and Alexander Wang Millie bag.

Last Friday we went to Dolce & Gabbana’s Girl’s Night Out at the flagship store in Alexandra House. I think the event was to celebrate the reopening of the store..but I’m not too sure. I wouldn’t say the theme was very ALL GIRL EVERYTHING but there were tons of fun little corners: tarot card reading, Chinese bird fortune telling, henna tattoos, poker and a bunch of other fun stuff! Unfortunately, the line for everything was way too long so I only got to do one activity and ended up admiring the rest from afar.

I came from work so I came dressed comfy but of course I had to rock my leopard print bag; this is Dolce & Gabbana after all. Also, I’ve been pinning my hair to the side like that for a while now which I’m starting to really like. It’s kind of girly and cute but alas, things have’ll see.

Gypsy tarot card reading lady!

Chinese bird fortune telling! There are real live birds in those little cages! I’m not sure how this works and I wanted to try it but the line was too long ): P.S. how cuties is that lil old guy!

Indian henna tattoo!

Even the DJ was female!

Love the polka dots!

So so so so in love with this white lace blouse!

All that leopard!

JKL and Nanz

Nanz, me and mudder.

Me and the boss!

So I was only able to get a henna done that night! I waited like 20 mins for it but it’s worth it. I specifically told the lady that I wanted it to go from finger tip all the way down to my wrist, nothing too girly or intricate and of course she was in a mad rush to get to the next person. PB thinks my hand looks like it belongs to an Indian lady lol but I love it and am sad it’s only been about a week and it’s already fading away ): Funny thing is that I just saw today that Vanessa Hudgens has been trotting around NYFW with a henna tattoo on her hand too (although, uhh, mine’s like 857% cooler than hers).

And finally…dun dun dun…I chopped my hair! Well it may not look like any significant change, but I did chop like 4 inches off which is pretty MAJOR for me. I also had it layered slightly and trimmed the front part a little to get some layering bidnezz going on. I posted on tumblr my inspirations for the chop – mostly going for an Aurel Schmidt kinda look especially since she wears glasses like mine, so of course I love her look.

This photo doesn’t really show my long side bangs very well but lemme tell you, my hair feels 1000000000000000000% healthier! It’s also way way way lighter which is why my curls are coming out more. As you may recall, I had that gross orange-y brown gunk at my tips which was the result of too much bleaching, dying and curling from over the years. My hairdresser said the ends of my coconut-husky-hair felt like barbie hair. WTF. gross. Upon sweeping up all the dead hair off the floor, she said it looked like i just cut hair from a totally different person off my head. So glad it’s all gone and my hair is now silkeh smoooooooooooooooooooooooth

okay tuhrah!


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