H&M boyfriend shorts, old black top, Topshop bow flats, Alexander Wang Millie, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.


Had an awesome day out with the girls on Saturday. Our day started with a yum cha feast at noon followed by a day of shopping and walking around then capping the day off with a mountain of Singaporean food from Kitchen 65 and a quick drink at Finds in TST. These full on girly days don’t come around as often as they should but when they do they’re always chock full of food, shopping and lots of laughs (especially when Debbie’s back!)

Debuting my new Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses! Before my eyes were condemned to wearing glasses, my sunglasses collection was just about kicking off. Back in those delightful sunny days, I read that Nicole Richie collected sunglasses and I thought what an awesome thing to collect! Not long after I decided to start collecting, my eyes broke down and my eye doctor told me to never wear contacts again (รฅยฑยฎรฏยพลธรโ€รฏยพลธ)รฅยฑยฎ WHY GOD WHY. ANYWAY, my eyes got better within a year but now I’m only allowed to wear contacts occasionally so every now and then I’ll whip out a fresh pair of sunnies for the day :) Right now I have about 15 or so in my collection which is a mix of designer labels and some low-end fast fashion brands too. I’ll try to gather them up for a pic one day!

P.S. in case anyone was wondering, the model number of the D&G sunnies are 4103 and here’s a random link.

JULIE! Debbie’s face is classic.

Oh and I also picked up a new ring the other day. I think I need about 908 fingers to be able to wear all my rings all at once…My ring collection is also something that I should probably gather up and photograph one day…

Okay signing off now and forcing PB to watch No Strings Attached with me wahahahah
Hope everyone has a great Sunday and for everyone in Hong Kong: YAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY :D


  1. OMG. No strings attached = awesome. Yum cha = AWESOMEER. Your ring = AWESOMEESTTTJSDFJSLKDF.

    I want to start a ring collection but I always lose my rings and my hands look like granny hands.

  2. hii there
    im from hk too,check out my blog?
    ive been following u

  3. That ring is awesome! So love your collection of skull related goodies!! Sounds like an awesome day with your friends to me, you always look like you guys have the best time “)

  4. yes, please take a photo of your ring collection!!!! You seriously have the most amazing jewellery xD
    and I love you bag. I STILL love your bag, it’s wonderful.

  5. haha i LOVE the expressions on your friends’ faces. CLASSIC. :)

    and nice background of chocolate bars there nomnomz.

    glasses are always better than contacts IMO!! your eyes are so so important so don’t forgo them for the glasses-free look! i’ve just heard so many horror stories about things happening to people with contacts O_O

  6. 15???? Shady much! oh and beautiful long locks… I miss hong kong a little! More when I come here, but then I do something else and think of all the customer service and not miss it as much haha. x

  7. Looks like fun! Great sunnies by the way! And that ring is amazing!

  8. Can you put your entire ring collection on all ten fingers (and maybe toes?). It’s nice that you have friends visiting you- all my NY friends are going to Korea but can’t be bothered to ‘stop’ by HK -_-

  9. love your outfit!!!
    great blog (:


  10. You have so pretty hair and love the sunglasses !

  11. Meena Dhuga

    I totally love the ring! :)


    Meena xx

  12. aw i love how you shoot around HK, my place is like 10 mins away from that body shop! makes me miss it… and love that gif of you ;) hahaaa


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