I like when other people go shopping, makes me feel less worse about my shopping habits.

via nitrolicious.

  1. Haha oh dear that could totally have been referring to me. =((( Haha jk. But I do like it a lot more when my friends buy stuff when we’re all out shopping together rather than me getting stuff alone. It definitely helps ease the guilt ;) But we’re bolstering the economy man why should we be feeling guilty!!

    Anyway thanks for your comment! Haha wooo it’s so cool that you and your sis both have fashion blogs! =) I’m so envious… i’d love it if my sis were as into fashion too… it must be really fun to have a shopping companion who knows you so well?

    Haha chicken rice! X) That’s one of my favs too… did you move to HK straight after though? What was growing up in HK like!! HK’s such an amazing place. It always brings to mind non-stop activity…

    (Hope you don’t mind that i’ve added you to my blogroll! XD maybe we could exchange links? sorry for such a long ramble haha)

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