F21 white tee, H&M men’s flannel, Zara boyfriend blazer, Topshop jeans, D&G Miss Pocket bag, PedderRed buckle wedges.

Excuse the extremely shitty photos. I took them on Tuesday after going to a screening of “An Education” (thanks Butterboom!) The movie was amazing of course, but more on that in another post. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll have read that one of my biggest fears is being mistaken as a boy. I know, I know, kinda ridonkulous but seriously, it’s just another one of the crazy things I think about. This outfit had me all conscious all day. Originally I wore it with my all black vans authentics but I felt that I had to “girl” it up a bit so I threw on my PedderRed buckle wedges later on in the evening. Thank god no one said “Excuse me sir” to me or else I really would’ve died. I’m kinda stupid aren’t i? I’m pretty sure my belly-button-grazing hair is an obvious enough sign that I’m not a boy. okay nvm it’s late and I’m blabbing.

Wow okay sooooooooooo this majorly-overdue post is going to be another extremely long and random update: full of random crap mostly hahaha. Anyhow, I haven’t blogged in ages and it’s honestly cos I’ve been really busy and I’ve been tired NON-STOP for almost 3 weeks now. Work was a little nuts and I had to work all weekend too so luckily it’s the end of the week soon and things are starting to slow down. I don’t plan on waking up anytime before 12pm this Saturday. I haven’t slept in for more than 2 weeks now and it’s seriously starting to show everywhere on my body, especially in the regions of my panda-eye-suitcases.

New Things:
I’ve recently (meaning like within the last 2 months, since I haven’t updated in ages) picked up a bunch of new things that I haven’t been able to post about yet. Also just today I had an unplanned visit to H&M. I hadn’t been inside an H&M in ages and the mega huge “FINAL SALE” banners on the window were just calling me in. I ended up walking out with 2 things that I haven’t been able to photograph yet but I guess you’ll see them soon enough!

This is a bunch of underwear stuff I was trying on at H&M before the New Year. I ended up getting the Sonia Rykiel for H&M garter thingies which I wore on New Years Eve. I just realised I don’t have a proper outfit shot of what I wore but lemme list it out and you can just sit there and imagine it: H&M polka dot tights, OTK socks, Sonia Rykiel for H&M garters, AA tshirt dress, Zara leather jacket, Ash wedges and a vintage Chanel purse. Looks great in your imagination doesnt it? Yeah it was actually really boring in real life -.-

Got this very cheap but cute little jersey crewneck from CottonOn. It has these cute pleat details on the shoulders and it’s ever so slightly cropped.

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a leather jacket like this for aaaaaaaaaaaages! I finally found it on Granville Road. You guys will NEVER guess how much I paid for it.                     $150hkd/$19usd. SO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean of course the leather is fake and the white fluffy parts are faker than a stuffed animal but regardless it’s still soooooooooo soft and doesn’t look cheap when you wear it. I guess this cheap alternative will have to do until the day I can afford to purchase my dream Acne leather jacket.

NY Fries

DIY stud and cross necklace, PedderRed skull necklace.

PB concentrating ever so hard on hogging my iPhone.

hehehehehe crossing his legs

and then he snubbed me.

hehehe obi and his mama.


LOL obi thinks he’s a prince. He thinks it’s okay for him to sit on ANY surface, wherever he wants to plop his butt down he will.

A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be gifted the amazing Plattan headphones by UrbanEars from Street Value in Hong Kong. I am seriously in love with these headphones. Prior to these, I’d been using the WeSC Bongo headphones in hot pink and before those was the first edition Bongo’s in yellow. Some great features of the Plattan are the fabric covered cord, the extra headphone jack so your buddy can plug in to your headphones and listen to what you’re listening to! It’s also really handy that it has a built-in microphone and remote (second picture) compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and Nokia so you don’t have to take your headphones off when you get a phone call! What I love most about them is that they’re so minimalistic and well-designed. The website is amazing too and I seirously died when I received them, the packaging is amazing. TheDIeLine did an awesome feature on their packaging here.

P.S. On a totally different note: How disgusting does my hair look? I mean, I totally understand that the whole gradient/ombre dyed hair look is “in” now but I dunno, Asians with dyed hair are always having this gross roots-growing-out problem. My mom hates it and really wants me to do something to my hair but I just don’t know what!??! I don’t think i can do the short hair thing..i’ve thought about it ALOT lately but with my bodysize and glasses, I don’t think I can pull it off although my face is really sharp. Another problem is that I don’t think I should be dying my hair anymore..it’s completely damaged already so I don’t wanna further drag it into hairy-hell. My mom wants me to cut it..or at least trim it, which of course I do still but after having such supah long hair for so long now, I don’t think I can. *NOTE: wrote this paragraph ages ago and have since changed my hair. You’ll see in my next update ;)*

So after waiting to see it for almost a year, I finally got to see New York, I love you. I was sooo excited to see this and everytime the preview came on tv, my heart missed a beat and I get a little choked up. You can kinda say I guess I miss New York a lot. So after being out for about a week in HK, me and PB had date night and FINALLY went to see it. I was soooo expecting myself to cry..or at least get a little teary…but not a drop was shed. It’s safe to say that the movie did NOTHING for New York. I mean it barely showcased New York-y things..except for like getting into cabs….or like…smoking on street corners, which is basically stuff you could do everywhere. Pretty much anything in that movie could’ve taken place in a different city. My favourite segment was the one with Anton Yelchin (hellooooooo nurse!) and maybe the bit directed by Natalie Portman, with the father and daughter. Oh actually the Robin Wright Penn one was pretty good too..but other than that..nothing special, a serious let down ):

A couple weeks back I got an email from the lovely Dawn about her new book “101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle”. The book is easy to read with a helpful tip on each page accompanied by a pretty illustration. I’ve picked out just a couple of my favourite pages to share with you guys:

There’s tons more to the book and it’s a really helpful guide for fashionistas (lol hate that word but hey! why not right?) and is currently available at a couple of bookstores in America as well as online at Amazon ($15us).

Recently I was featured on the amazing Tongue in Chic site. They have some really great updates so make sure you click click!

I’ve decided to set up a pop-up shop! Currently, it’s stocked with just 4 items but as you’ll read on the page, I’m not planning on opening one of those infamous blog-shops, just trying to get rid of stuff that I no longer want/need/fit ): I don’t plan on updating it often as I don’t really have anything else worthy of selling/that I want to sell. Anyway, please check it out regardless and perhaps you can do me a tiddly leedle favour and tell your friends too! You’ll also notice that I’ve put up a little mini-banner on my sidebar there <<<<<<<<< so feel free to click anytime :D

And lastly, I forgot to say Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say it’s been sooooooo great getting to know a bunch of bloggers and I’m sooooooo very grateful for everyone who takes the time out to read my blog, especially since I know it can get extremely long and have the shit I post is really dumb. But yes thanks so much for sticking around and I hope you guys have a greaaaaaaaaaat new year :D Now I’m looking forward to Chinese New Year!!!!

Oh and p.s. I just set up my blog to appear iPhone friendly! So if you own an iPhone, it’s now super easy to read SUPERWOWOMG!

p.p.s. I promise promise promise to try and regulate my updates and not bombard too much in one post next time!! And i really need to find a better way of dividing up “sections” in each of my posts………..hm……………………..

  1. FINALLY AN UPDATE WOMAN! haha. omg i know what you mean about asians and growing out dyed hair. for some reason it just doesn’t look cool…? is this a white supremacist thing? :-S dude those pedder red boots look hot! :D they look like the chloe sevigny x OC ones :P

  2. is it bad that i don’t mind being mistaken for a boy? infact i’m pretty sure i try to do that half that time, but it doesn’t work, haha oh well. i love being a girl anyway…

    oh man i have wanted to see new york i love you for so long too, but australia is super slow on everything, i haven’t even seen any reviews or anything, gagagagaga.

    take care and much love, x

  3. yaaaay denise! an update =)

    ok so i’ve been looking for headphones similar to that Plattan ones u have. are the WeSC headphones real good?…

  4. loveeeee the ‘cheap’ lether jacket. total sucker for cheapie items myself, bonus when they look that good!

    glad youre having a blast in NY, and glad to see loads of pics:) fulll experience at SUPERWOWOMG as always;)

    xx raez

  5. Ahhhh, I love it when dogs cross their legs like that. SO CUTE.

  6. omg omg i love each and everything that you bought. the cotton on l/s crewneck and that acne-ish jacket. arrhhhhhhh.
    it looks really good from the pic…
    i want the h&m lace corset too :X

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah i love your humungo blog posts its like reading a magazine. about you. or something. dude i love that cheapie leather jacket!!!!!!! get me one and send it here, things are too expensive :( i got major HK withdrawal this holiday. every year i become more and more of a tourist. next time i come back you have to bring me shopping, otherwise i’ll end up shopping solely in h&m and zara like the tourist i am.

    re: being mistaken as a boy. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, GOT THE T-SHIRT OF HUMILIATION. i went to pay for something at a shop round the corner at stupid o clock in no make up, a shapeless hoodie with the hood up and my hair tied up, sunglasses baggy jeans and the hugest ugg boots ever (UK makes for some sexy dressing) and when my mum rang up to check the guy was like ‘no worries mam, your son came in and paid already!’. EXTREME SAD FACE :(((((( i mean i know i was wearing a lot of clothes and i could have had 3 noses and he wouldn’t really have noticed but STILL…. :(((

    love the cotton on jumper.. i miss that store of cheapie goodness.

    is your dog sitting on your FACE? HAHAHAHAHAH. that is so freaking adorable!!!


  8. I don’t think anyone could ever mistake you for a boy!
    I love that jacket you got it’s such a great deal :)
    o and I’m sad to hear that movie was a letdown…

  9. Psht you’re too pretty to be a boy. Whoever says that is going to get punched by me. >:i
    Love the jacket’s front pockets, the fur is <3 & the gold trinklet hanging at the door knob!
    My mum likes doing that too lol. :)

    Obi & his mama look so daaamn cute!
    Can't wait for your next update to see your hair :D !!!

  10. faker than a stuffed animal hahahahaha. I laughed at that for long.
    that acne rita leather jacket is also my dream sooooo no matter how fake that leather jacket that you scored for 19 bucks is it’s still great. I want one too.

    and your hair, why don’t you go darker? I think you have a face that would go very well with dark, almost black hair?

  11. ah fear of looking like a boy…i am quite babyvoiced so it’s never really happened to me before. and i really like boys’ clothes.
    i want chinese new year right now…like a nice long holiday to recuperate and omg it’s on the same day as valentines this year haha! :)
    the leather jacket looks super nice – for $150 too you’re so lucky!
    and dude seriously it’d be amazing to have a gah jie like you…i have a brother and he’s like 8 years older than me so i’ve pretty much been an only child these past few years. i’m in year 11 and graduating next year :/


  12. I love all your black jewellery against they grey sweatshirt, so nice! Also, I love your headphones, I got some new ones recently but I’m jealous that you’ve got a remote and that you have the opportunity to let friends plug their headphones in for a listen! Very cool! I want to see NY I love you, pity it’s not as great as it could have been!!

  13. NY Fries!!! I miss pseudo-American asian food.

  14. haha wow you always have these long posts! but I love them :)
    I’ve been wanting to see New York I love you for the loooongest time now, but I’ve been hearing a couple of bad reviews too :/ Hmm, anyway, I love those headphones, I use Bongo’s by WeSC now but I just love the simplicity of yours. Might want to check that out too. :)

  15. wohooo you finally updated!! :DD oooomygosh i’m still dying to see NY, I <3 You because Paris J'taime was so incredible. And of course there's Anton Yelchin who is dreamboat of my life. I would go to see any movie with him, totally!! :D man I miss new york and i didn't even live there like you! only went for a holiday there once but it was great…

    heh you and Sha make me wanna have a cutie dawg of my own too!! X)

    ooo hey i wanted to check out your shop but the link's not working??? lemme know when it is k!! :D i wanna see your stuff!!

    jiayou with work and try to get more rest in somehow!

  16. woohoooo finally an update!! :DD oh man i’ve been wanting to watch NY I love you for the longest time!! Ever since i watched Paris Je T’aime which was…. MMMM. The best. And of course I’d watch any movie with Anton Yelchin in it. He’s mah homeboy <3

    Haha you and Sha make me wanna have my own cutie dawg!!

    Glad to hear you've been doing well though do try to get some rest eh! don't overwork yourself… I wanna go back to HK!! :(( such good shopping!!!

    ooo and i tried clicking on your shop link but it didn't load! is there somthing wrong? let me know if when it works k! i totally wanna check out the stuff you have… :D

  17. Would love some recs for some hair salons in hk? There are just too many and don’t know where to start.
    I also have the fear of looking like a boy – absolutely bawled my eyes out when my hair was cut too short when I was 12. Looking forward to seeing the stuff you have at the Popup Shop!

  18. Eeee finally an update, please keep your future posts as long as this, I love the photos and life in Hong Kong! I like CottonOn, their quality is the same as F21 but its waaay cheaper ^__^ H&M needs to haul their ass to Malaysia.

    ♥, junee.

  19. I was thinking of buying a pair of urbanears… seeing how my puppy chewed my awesome audio technica to bits. lol. Where did you get them? In Hong Kong…? And what’s this about you ever being mistaken for a boy. Psh. lol.

    By the way, I might probably head down to Hong Kong sometime this year! Maybe we could meet. hehe. :D

  20. Yes! I wouls love to send you letters in Hong Kong :)
    Send me your mailing adress (valentsine@live.ca)
    Do you want mine too ? I’m Canada

    PS. this post was awesome. You take such good pictures!

  21. Ah love your nude bag in the first couple of photos, i have been looking for a good one for a while now. And i know what you mean about being mistaken for a boy, i think the same thing. Like when i wear ‘boyish’ clothes i get worried people might have to take a second glance to see that im a girl. So its not crazy, well it is, but a lot of people do it i guess haha.

  22. hey i found you through Tongue in Chic !
    you have a FABULOUS BLOG ! andddd fabulous style .
    so far you’re the 2nd stylish blogger i found from hong kong !
    im going to link you up :D
    hope you’ll link me back too !

  23. okay, FIRSTLY, i just bought a grey sweatshirt from topshop simply because of your blog – so you owe me £18. And i am eternally envious of that acne-ish jacket. I miss granville and ladies market now! Update soon! I will bombard this post with comments until you do :) <3 C

  24. Katie @ haute from the oven

    oooh la lingerie. love it.

  25. ahhhh shucks i think my comments had trouble getting through a few days back! :) whooohoo am always glad when you update!! can imagine you must be soo busy!! hope you’re taking care of yourself and resting lots during the weekends!!

    anyway ahhhh i’ve been wanting to watch NY I love you for AGES! Ever since I watched the Paris version (Paris, Je T’aime) XD Anton is such an incredible babe. HOW CAN I MEET HIM….

    I really want to go to new york one day!! haha sample sales… <3

    you and sha totally make me wanna have my own little cutie dawggy…. how many do you guys have anyway!

  26. Yay you’re BACK!! So many things to comment on haha
    1. I love those buckle boots!
    2. So sad that the Sonia for H&M piece that I wanted I couldn’t find (the bra with the huge flower buds). I’m terrified of wearing garters – are they easy to figure out especially with sizing??
    3. That aviator jacket is to die for!!
    And your idea with putting snaps on the bottom of a bodysuit is pretty genuis. Going to the bathroom in them is seriously impossible haha

  27. Wooohoo,there’s an update! I’m so so happy~
    And those pieces you got from H&M,I’m super super jealous!! Ahhhhh And your dog is so so adorable. Love the photo where he just sits where he likes,even on your face. heee ohhh my

  28. Grr where did my comment go!
    Imma write it again hehehe because Obi & Mama are too cute. ♥ ♥ ♥

    I love the jacket! It doesn’t look cheap to me :D Love the furry pocket detail, if the inside is lined too then that’ll be awesome for your fingers to stay warm :D

    & I don’t think you look like a boy at all :)

  29. hong kong & new york all in one post! <3<3! You would never be mistaken as a boy dear! Bahaha, i can't believe you got that leather jacket for such an amazing price but then again, i do believe it because hong kong is amazing! Eeek! LoL. Take care love!!!!!


  31. LOL k i will retype it because i think my comment just disappeared into space. anyhow i was saying hong kong & new york in one post is just too amazing! You will never be mistaken as a boy m’dear… don’t worry about that, however, i do understand the fear. I have it too. Many girls do i think? Maybe? And that leather jacket is SUCH a steal at SUCH a good price… oh, lovely hong kong! can’t wait to go back sometime!! anywho take care love!!

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