H&M skirt, Uniqlo men’s v-neck sweater, Zara denim vest, Esprit parka, Frye Harness boots, H&M DIY Studded bag.

DIY geometric necklace, Agatha black ring and F21 oval black/gold ring.

Hehaehahehahe LOOK what I got!!!!!!!!!! I finally caved in an bought myself a new camera. I was juggling between getting the Panasonic Lumix GF-1 or the Olympus EP-1 Pen and finally decided on the Pen because nanz just got the gf1 and I thought it’d be pointless having two of the same cameras in the house. I also decided to get the 14-42mm zoom lens whilst nanz got the pancake (!!) lens which means we can swap and trade! Oh and you can probably tell but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to edit my photos, so bare with me while I experiment with a few different colours.

oh yeah so Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!! It’s finally the year of the Tiger again, which means I’m turning 24 this year..omg sounds so old and yet I still act like a baby and whine like a little girl :D I celebrated CNY with my family which basically means eating lots and playing mahjong all day! Ninz was the sole-winner of the day, winning a whopping $33 (HKD) LOL, as you can see, we roll DEEP in our household.

BTW, the khaki parka I’m wearing in those pics, believe it or not that jacket is about 10 years old and actually belongs to me. I’ve been wearing it since year 10 (grade 9?) and it still fits and looks as good as new. It has a removable fluffy lining thats good for colder days. I’m loving the khaki/utility/army colour scheme/look that’s starting to creep up so I’ve officially re-fallen in love with this jacket. I’ve worn it almost everyday until it’s gotten so freaaking cold lately.

After PB and I had a little yum cha feast on our own, we took a little trip all the way to the HK Heritage Museum on Saturday. We went for the Antoine + Manuel Graphic Village exhibition which was seriously amazing. I’m always so inspired after I see a design exhibition and always want to kick my lazy ass off the sofa and actually get shit done but the explosion of inspiration tends to wear off after a few days lol..or maybe I’m just seriously that lazy.

So so so so so amazing

I <3 di-cuts.

The designers work alot with bold graphic shapes and imagery but I was mostly attracted to all the hand-done sketches and illustrations. I love intricate designs that you can only really appreciate when you go really fking close. That di-cut killed me.

LULZ! PB having fun :D

I want my wall like this.

Lol spotted this gem-of-a-journal in pageOne.

Me wearing my dad’s glasses. I’ve just gotten new speccies, can’t wait to show you guys :D

Testing out the “pinhole” effect on my new camcam!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! It’s PB’s birthday on Sunday!! And I’m so excited to give him his birthday present cos i knowwww he’s going to love it. Saturday is also going to be super eventful: the 6th installment of the YSL Manifesto will be releasing and I’ll for surely be there to collect and I’ll also be doing sth special in the afternoon, which I’ll surprise you guys with next time :D I probably won’t be posting until I return from my trip to Singapore! Yesss I’m so excited. As a lot of you know already through my twitter, I’ll be heading back to my family’s hometown of Singapore on Feb 25th just for a couple of days to see my grandma, my cousin’s new baby boy and to shop myself silly at Topshop and Forever21. I know a bunch of people have mentioned they’d like to meet up but honestly, I’ve only got two full days there and I don’t think I’ll have the time. I would really really love to and hopefully next time I go back, it’ll be for much longer and I can meet all my Singapore readers/blog buddies!

Note: I mentioned before that I do offer this service where I can shop for you at stores that are not in your own country, i.e. no H&M in Singapore. If anyone in Singapore (or anywhere else) would like me to help them get something from Hong Kong please email me and we can discuss further :D

Lastly, I just suddenly decided to do this again: I had one for my wordpress blog but that never took off so here it is again, Follow my blog with bloglovin’!!!!!!!!!! Thanks dahlings <3

  1. The exhibit looks really awesome, and have fun in Singapore (:

  2. I love your posts so much! BTW that cateye look really suits you. You look so hot!
    I really want that Olympus EP-1 Pen but my mom is being all “you already have a canon g10, don’t make me lose my temper” so i guess thats a no -.-

  3. I always enjoy your lively posts! I can’t believe that Khaki jacket is 10 years old. It’s awesome! What a cool kid you were to be wearing that around. The gallery looks amazing, I’d love to visit such a place. Oh, in my dreammmms. Yay for new cameras! I look forward to seeing what it brings to your blog. Happy birthday for Sunday PB!
    Hope you have a lovely rest of week.

  4. Happy Chinese New Year!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and finally decided to say ‘hi’!
    By the way, what lipstick are you wearing in the 2nd set of pictures – where you’re with PB on the bus(train?)

  5. i adore this casual look very much !
    i love how u layer the jacket with the denim jacket :D

    and those artworks are amazing !
    they’re great to look at !

  6. Really love the parka! And your dad’s glasses! And the color of your lipstick!

  7. your diy necklace is so awesome. :)

  8. OMINAH!!!! finally~~!!! thank you for updating!!! :)

  9. Adore your parka and outfit! I’ve been thinking of going to Hong Kong at the end of the year with some friends, can you recommend me any places to go?


  10. God, you’re so gorgeous.

  11. How awesome is your layering! Real excited for you about your EP-1, I have a bunch of friends who all own one and their photos are just marrrr-velous, the colours and the lens is pretty powerful for the small thing it is.

  12. Yay I’m glad you’re starting to blog more frequently now! Your hair is just gorgeous, unghh. Enjoy Singapore, I am not sure if the Universal Studios there opened yet, it seems like it’s going to be amazing. P.s. Gong xi fa cai to you too! Enjoy those oranges.

    ♥ junee.

  13. You look so pretty and you make me want new glasses even though I don’t need them haha

  14. what a perfect way to spend the CNY! in a fab gallery with a hot bf and goof food and etc! you are look gorgeous in all these pics btw;)

    xx raez

    your blog update is surprisingly the only one i can currently read as everyone else is operated by blogspot and that’s *DUN DUN DUMMMMMMMMMMMMM* banned in chinaland. W. T. F. so again thank you for dressing nicely and doing kitscheee things. haha. hope singa porer will be superrrr.

    much love.

  16. Your blog is awesome! And so is the outfit you’re wearing – ahhdore! x

  17. O Denise how we miss you so. Congrats on the new toy! When are you planning to come back to visit us??!??!?!?!??

  18. you look friggin gorgeous girl! i friggin love chinese new year… LOL LOW BAK GOW… pan fried turnip cake? SOOO GOOOOD. red pocket? SOOOO GOOOOD. pan fried sweet brown sticky square thing (do you know what i’m talking about?)? SOOOO GOOOOD. LOLOLOL :) happy new yr!

  19. i really love your black hair and red lippy combo.you should do it more! you look so so so classically chinese and noooo it’s not a bad thing! i’d love to look like that but i reckon im like a confused looking kind of chinese, haha!! kung hei fatt choi btw :) it’s still new year. collect enough hong bao to buy the zoes!!

  20. YESSS a new post! I love that new geometric necklace of yours, I still need to experiment a little with beads and chains but can’t find the time! plus your hair looks ridiculously good, ohhh mama. I replied to your origami-related comment on my own blog, I never know where to reply:-D

    i have pretty much overdosed on neem go and lo bat go…
    love the parka
    the exhibit looks amazing!
    have fun in singapore/eat lots of good food for me hahaha :)


  22. Don’t worry, D! I had a fantastic time in Hong Kong. :) I only wish I would have been able to look up this exhibit – Looks like so much fun! I ended up gettin’ my tips did all tacky gaudy like in HK on my last full day there. Mission accomplished. :D (Now I have to go catch up on posts about it…)

  23. I love your whole outfit and the DIY necklace you made is so beautiful! Ohh,I’m super excited you’re coming to Singapore but I guess you’ll be pretty busy to meet up heeee

    But you’re going to have so much fun here for sure:)

  24. kung hei fat choi:D
    dim sum from hk. yumm…
    yay u got a bloglovin – followed!

  25. Such a cute dress! And it looks like you guys had a great time. Seems like fun, and awesome pictures ! You two are so cute :)

  26. awesome jacket! i love it when i clear out my wardrobe once in a while and find gems that i have not wear for the longest time :D
    hope you had fun in spore!

  27. Ah I love your necklace :D

  28. I am so jealous that you get to go to Topshop – yes shop yourself silly!! And I love it that trends always come back, Iw ould have never guessed that the jacket was 10 yrs old. Good on you for saving it for that long :)

  29. Happy chinese new years girl, my family celebrates too!
    I’m loving your khaki coat, so great when pieces are relevant for so long. The khaki, army, military trend right now i am so loving, and that coat is perfect for it.
    Ps. those black and white paintings you asked about, my bf made me a set of 4 of them for Christmas last year. Thanks for complementing them!

  30. Very nice DIYs as usual!
    Your dad’s glasses suit you too~
    I’m liking the micro 4/3 cameras more and more. I love the art filters!! Can’t wait to see more pics :)
    Oooh so what did you get PB for his birthday?? Update update quick! XD

  31. I’m super super happy you’ll be here tomorrow:) Yayyyy,maybe we might just bump into each other outside ahaha Enjoy your shopping here gorgeous! Snap more photos too<3

  32. Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Kung Hei Kung Hei! Congrats on ur new camera and i love ur parka, i have been on a hunt for a similar ones, but to no avail! :(
    P/s: I have been silently stalking ur blog for awhile and have always enjoyed ur candid blogposts and HK streetshots/shopping experiences seriously made me want to visit HK again soon. HK is one of my fav. countries, i missed the congee/shoppings there, can’t wait to visit there again. Would definitely email u for foodie/shopping suggestions prior my next trip!).

  33. Thanks you for the super sweet comment, I’m happy you like he blog! at some point I guess I have to do a ”home” post :) take care sweetie xxx sandra @ http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/

  34. Hi Denise! Thanks for your comment on my new littlejourney blog :) I just wanted to comment here to let you know I still keep a personal blog at my website! I just don’t have time to do the daily photos so much anymore :(

  35. tinybutton

    The Olympuc PEN’s gorgeous! The PEN film camera lenses are getting really expensive, though, and it’s way out of my price range. Your makeup is really pretty ;)

  36. Awesome exhibition. Looks like you had a great CNY. I’m the year of the tiger too…and going to be 24. Eeeeek. Scary age.

    Hope you are having a blast in Singapore!

  37. Wow! I was looking for a new camera and was contemplating the same ones as you! :) Haven’t bought one yet though, but I like how yours turned out, so might go for the PEN! Did you use any filters on them or are they ready made like this? :)

  38. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it!

    If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot!


  39. everything is so purty!! ahh i love it when clothes one has worn since childhood still fits :D

  40. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. PB popping up startled me.

  41. Well I sincerely enjoyed reading it. This subject provided by you is very useful for correct planning.

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