I was just telling Jason about the first time I ever baked/cooked something when I was like 8 years old or something and I attempted to make chocolate chip cookies from some kids cookbook and completely failed, making the world’s worst dough-tasting, unsweet, hard-as-rocks blobby “cookies” that my mom didn’t even bother sugar-coating the truth about (*instantly spits them out*). Fast forward 10+ years and moving to New York, away from my family and helie for the first time forced me to learn how to cook myself. Many easy tomato sauce pastas, Annie’s organic mac & cheeses to oven-baked salmons, rice cooker 煲仔饭s (bo zai fan) and many episodes of Alton Brown’s Good Eats later and I’d say my kitchen skizzills are not too shabby now. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t create any #shaskitchen magical wondrous concotions but Jason’s happy with what I put on the dinner table so that’s all that matters.

Our kitchen in Shanghai is the most pimped out room in the whole house. We try to do home cooked food for week nights and eat out mostly on the weekend. I’m so glad repetition is encouraged in this house because my recipe repertoire is still very limited! Tonight’s easy dinner menu: Chinese bo tong (boiled soup), corn beef hash (har har easy), Chinese spinach with garlic and steamed mushroom rice.

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Roasted Tomato Bruschetta from Naturally Ella. Okay I promise it tasted way better than it photographs.

Steak sandwiches with grilled onions and arugula from Smitten Kitchen. Adapted this and added a swipe of homemade garlic and black pepper mayo.

Grilled cheese, just threw some cheese on a bread and melted it up in the pan with a fried egg to top.

Roasted tomato soup with melted chedder from Smitten Kitchen and steak with blue cheese garlic butter from Epicurious.

Apple Crumble with a side of cool whip from William Sonoma.

Nutella Banana Bread from Saucy Spatula. This is my buddy KHOX’s cooking blog and it’s so good. I’ve followed many recipes from there and they’re all easy to make, no fuss but delicious recipes. I HATE bananas normally but this banana bread is seriously DELICIOUS and I made it so easily with stuff I already had in my kitchen and some ripe old bananas!

Here are some dishes that I plan on making soon:

Have fun cooking!

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