Monki sheer Elise dress, mata hari Grace Mini purse, Rag & Bone Mallory boots (cool alternatives here and here), Forever 21 necklaces (multiple).

Weee yay grandma dresses! I always say I either dress like a teenager or a grandma, it’s really one or the other for me. Anyway last Friday was meant to be a really intense busy night but ended up being quite chill although it was extremely long. The night started at the Shiseido 140th Anniversary event where they presented their new lipgloss Lacquer Rouge with the help of Hong Kong’s coolest celebrity Josie Ho.

The night moved on to a super fun but extremely HOT Vans warehouse party all the way out in Kwun Tong! I didn’t have time to change after Shiseido but had originally planned to wear my new hawaiian print Vans authentics. The Vans party was great, real chill with mad SK8R bros everywhere and plenty of skinny little Chinese SK8R girl groupies. We sipped on canned Pelican wine, heinies, tons of water and coke and just tried to keep it cool while sweating bombs off and hogging the few fans that were strewn about the venue. Just another crazy night with my favourite people in Hong Kong :D

Prepare for photo overload!

Quick instagram pics at the Shiseido event: TOUGHLOVE‘s first make-up event! Remember to follow me on insta: @SUPERWOWOMG

Me and Christing from Fashion Hedonism

Custom Vans minx nails!! With Carmen and Aimee!


Julie (CL)

Alien peni’s.

gahh :D

Hong Kong’s coolest skater CHUN CHAI from VANS!

Rag & Bone and Clarks at a Vans warehouse party!

yeet doh BAO

Counting Crows


COMME des FUCKDOWN (available at JUICE TST)



  1. Lovin that Chun chai lip color!!!!!

  2. love your look! I saw one of your stickers on a post while I was on the bus this morning! it took me a while to realize but when i did, i was like *GASPS* I KNOW WHO THAT IS!

  3. V V
    lol so mean no photo of carmen

  4. Ah love the all black! Do you know if that dress is being sold in the HK store?

  5. You look fab in a dress! x

  6. The Vans party looks fun fun fun! I think it was from your blog that I learnt one could customize Vans shoes on their website, which I did, as a gift for my bf. So thanks!!!

  7. This is probably the creepiest I’ve ever been caught on film. That Beyonce hair and Julie’s fingers are always good post ingredients!

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