LEE Jeans White Label blouse, Uniqlo DIY shredded jeans, Pointy flats c/o Choies, Alexander Wang Millie bag, Daniel Wellington watch and Wanderluster Smoketree Earrings from PickleSalmon

Now that I have shorter hair I’ve been toying with the idea of statement earrings. Well even back when I had long hair I was already on the hunt for the perfect chunky earrings and surprisingly I couldn’t find any goodies whilst trolling through my mom’s giant jewellery table (yes table..not just box..). I spotted these amazing not-too-chunky but just as glam and edgy earrings from super cool NY brand Wanderluster. Graphic triangles and simple geometry is always a plus paired with the rose gold and chunky rhinestone = parfait (au lait)! Also in love with my new pointy flats from Choies. They are the perfect super comfy daily flats that aren’t your typical sneakers or ballet flats and they instantly make me feel 10 points fancier and more grown-up than I really am.

Also how cool are these night shots? I’m starting to like the flash on our camera. We have the Lumix GX1 that has the flash that you can tilt up for cool reflecting ceiling shots as well. Suddenly flash isn’t so bad, especially when the wind helps to make your photo look extra cool!

Note to self: stop dressing like a 16 year old!

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