Lace shirt from Korea, Abercrombie Super Skinny Destroyed Light Wash jeans, Topshop Hat, Dr Martens 1461 3-eye laceups and Susan Sng The Collections rosary.

It’s fun having really creative and spontaneous friends. The night before, Aimee and I were texting and decided the next morning we would meet for a quick shoot and of course a breakfast catchup since I haven’t seen her since I moved to SH (wait is that true? Grandma brains can’t remember T.T) Anyway we shot around a bit, with me doing weird girly fairy poses that I’ve never done before but it must’ve been Aimee’s airy fairy-ness that rubbed off on me. We talked about babies, visas, China living and how weird and awkward people are (mostly us) and I reconfirmed in my head how much I hate the Hong Kong small-talk scene. It’s not even the social scene anymore cos social is everywhere now, it’s that weird “OMG HOWWWWW’S SHANGHAIIIIIII?” small-talk BS that’s not coo man, not coo. Okay I shouldn’t say anymore, lest I step on some people’s toes.

Hong Kong this time was..mind-changing. Ok lemme just put it this way, that even though I was only there for 4 days, I’ve never wanted to be back in Shanghai so bad with my new little family instead. If only I could just pack a couple of people (and my homedogs obi and lucky!) with me in my suitcase whenever I go back to Shanghai, that’ll be gretttt.

On a completely unrelated and more superficial side note: I haven’t worn high high heels in so long and today tried on my Phi scuba shoes at home and successfully failed (harhar) at walking in them. GOOD LAWD GAWD I wish I could walk better in heels ):

Photos by Aimee Han


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